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Hitparada HIVA Charts

- i.e. monthly charts according to your votes  
- i.e. 20 titles from Czech and Slovak rep. and 20 titles from international music
- i.e. 1st - 10th position from the last month and news
- i.e. possibility to suggest your favourite songs

PJ┤s personal TOP TEN

- i.e. monthly my most favourite songs and artists
- i.e. top ten of Czech and Slovak titles 
- i.e. top ten of best international titles
- i.e. best three artists in each category

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Who am I ?
My name is PJ Petr and live in Prague in Czech Republic. 

Why are these charts presented ? 
I wish to promote my favourite songs and to give a possibility to anybody to take part in building of the HIVA charts. I can only hardly find charts according to my idea in internet - it is charts with good music, easy voting and with a good possibility to influence for anybody. 

Why Czech and Slovak titles have a separate category ? 
Czech and Slovak republics have a lot of good musicians however there is a barrier of language and money. That┤s why most of these musicians are succesfull only at the local market. People from abroad cannot evaluate these songs, so please send your votes only in category of international songs.

What are the rules of  Hitparada HIVA Charts
The charts are updated every beginning of the month, mostly on the 1st. In each category - you can see 10 best positions from last month according to your votes and news. You can vote for max. 5 songs on this list, i.e. you can assign 10(best), 8, 6, 4 or 2 points according to your opinion. You can also input your suggestion - your favourite songs or actors - min. 5 of them will be put on the charts next month. Every title can be voted in charts only three months - after this it will be changed. Best songs according to your votes will be stated in the YEARLY COUNTDOWN (see the
last yearly countdown for 2000) .

What can you see more here ? 
These sites - it is not only charts.  There are latest opinions and views from the music world incl. interesting photos every month (see the link
"mesicni komentar"). You can find also a list of mentioned aritists under link "vyhledavac clanku". However, this is still only in Czech version. 

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