HIV goes airbourne! Shocking Implications!
>By Steve Terrence

The latest chapter in AIDS battle has been revealed. Although it heralds no hope for the estimated millions more that will be affected by this new strain of the HIV virus.

Scientific Officials were alerted to the possible presence of a mutated strain of the HIV virus earlier this year when numerous reports came in from Africa of whole tribal villages being quickly infected. HIV B – Strain differs from its parent in several different ways.

  1. It can be easily cured, although often this requires limb amputation. Due to the viruses habit of laying dominant in the muscle fibres in the arm or leg. One rare case inhabited three limbs. It can also be found in the liver and appendix.
  2. B Strain is an airborne virus. It damages the victims bronchiole causing blood to slowly drip into the lung cavity, induce coughing. The victim coughs the virus into the air, when it can be survive it warm dry conditions.


The virus has spread vastly across the less populated areas of Africa and there have been over 113 confirmed cases in which whole villages have fallen to this disease. A further 85 people have been discovered dead from this disease either through exhaustion or the build up of blood in their lungs, causing the victims to drown.

A combined effort by the African government and other key medical researchers in the UK and the USA,(The universities of Yale and Bristol’s Medical institute have thrown much of their Disease control developing units to find a cure) This has helped to minimise the spread of the virus, and has allowed them to embark on an eradication campaign; consisted of controlled burning and quarantine procedures. A result of which is a restriction on media broadcasts regarding this strain, due to possible public outcry.

Although no vaccination is yet possible, the habits of the this strain make it easy to control and remove from the body, the downside being this most often involves amputation of the arms normally at shoulder level.


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