All by me...
Just a note... some of these might
not be poetry but they're close!

Life is such a wonderful thing
Life is strong
Life is weak
Life is in a way unique
Life is Hard
Life is easy
Life can make u feel sorry
Life is cool
Life is cruel
Life is sweet
And pretty much stinks.

We laugh, we cry
We live, we die
We get happy, we get sad
We get excited, we get mad
We have fun, we get bored
We are honest, we are fraud.

Dont open your mouth
I know what you're gonna say
This is a simple plot
And you will have your way.

Well guess again
Everything is not what it seems
Your eyes are playing tricks, friend
Coz that only happens in dreams.


Why did I talk?
Why did I tell?
Away I should've walked
So now I fell.

What did I see?
Why did I like you?
This cannot be!
What can I do?

Can I make it stop?
Can I just forget you?
But I cannot drop
Because I like you.

No matter how hard I try
I can't make it go away
All I can do is cry
And let my mind go astray.

I hate this feeling
I should not stop trying
My heart is not worth giving
I should've stopped myself from telling.

This is so mind-boggling
In other cases, heart-breaking
The time is not worth wasting
It is not worth waiting.

Turning back the time
One wish I could make,
And being a mime,
Oh that would be great!

Then I could not say a word
And I could just walk away
I will be free as a bird
My mind will no more go astray.

Can this be true?
I cannot believe you!
This cannot be!
Now you like me?

I already forgot about you
So tell me it's not true
Just tell me
Coz this cannot be.

I can admit I did like you
Longer than I wanted to
Missing the things I needed to do
Because I was after you.

So now look at you
Now you like me
Before I was after you
Now you're after me.

I'll make you go through
What I've been through
When I still like you
So now, two words, "SCREW YOU!"

Stop deceiving
My eyes receiving
Mind playing
Hearts crying
Hands touching
Lips kissing
Fist punching
Legs kicking
Voice shouting
You bringing
Me accepting
Face smiling
Days passing
You saying
You're loving
That evening
I was seeing
A girl appearing
Then you were dancing
Eventually kissing
Heard you coming
Just this morning
I was asking
You were screaming
I realizing
That your loving
Is worth nothing.


I'm locked up in prison
With invisible metal bars
I tried to get out
But there seemed no chance.

I let out a cry
But nobody heard
I showed my pain
But nobody noticed.

My face looks ablank
Saying not a word
Emotions bottled in
And no one seemed to care.

Everyone thinks I'm fine
But rage is on the rise
I stand alone
Planning on my escape.

I took a step forward
Of what was meant to be
I fell unconcious...
At last I'm free!

Last night I wished
About the wish that I wished
The wish that I longed to be true
On the night of moonlight blue.

Star starry night
I wish my wish be granted tonight
The wish that I wanted to be
And in the place that I wanted to see.

Oh sweet heavenly wind
To that open window I grinned
Thinking when my wish be granted
And I get what I always wanted.

An alien in my mind
That I want to find
Looks so near me
But seems to flee.

I want it out of my head
Once I hit my bed
It bothers me a lot
Because of its little plot.

Taking over my mind
Does not seem kind
Because my dear heart
Wants to take part.


The night
Of all mystery
Coming from the back
Of a mysterious plain.

Ease on
Make a hault
Difference is always
At hand of everything.

A word
Of ignorant mind
Misjudged and trampled
By no-good men.

Are words
Just merely words
Given meaning by
Mediocre fools.

A friend is good
A friend is true
A friend will always care for you.

A friend is loyal
A friend is comfort
A friend will always set you forth.

A friend is here
A friend is there
A friend can always be anywhere.

But there is one thing special about
A friend...
They stick by you til the end.

I come to choose for my own
I have choices that I can choose
A choice I can call my own.
Self-centerdness is not the word
But personal concern fits really well.
I grew up around orders
Not working on the life of my own.
They call this place freedon
And I can choose whether to rebel or follow.
My choice is to rebel
But who am I kidding?
Rebellion does not exist
Because rebels also follow
I am a rebel!
I have a choice
But there are no choices
So I cannot rebel.


Give me time
Give me words
Give me strength
Give me hope.

Holding back
Holding fear
Holding insecurities
Holding tears.

Cannot talk
Cannot stand
Cannot stay
Cannot demand.

I do this
I do that
I do stupid things
Like this and that.

I get clumsy
I get mute
I get giddy
I get weak.

What's happening and
What's wrong
Coz this is what's
Going on.

I don't like it
I want it stopped but
I can't coz
I am in love.

They say I listen to bad howls
But I don't think they are.
They say they are bad
But they don't listen close enough
And they cannot see...

If they disregard the ear
And let the heart feel
They will know the meaning
They will know the sorrow
They will know the feeling

Just step into the footstep
Let the heart touch the ground
Once they feel the sensation
They will see the howls.
These howls are reality at its best

They will quench of society's thirst.
But for now,
They are not listening.
They better catch the sound
Before there will be no more

Everything will be surrounded
There will be no escape...
They will all be grounded
And there will be nothing more
But silence.

We are one close buddies
Then someone came along
One like that someone
But I did not know

Then I like that someone
And someone felt the same
One became jealous
So one did not talk to I.

One did not want I
To talk to someone
Since one want to go
A step further with someone

I talked to someone one day
And asked if someone likes one
But someone doesn't see it that way
Someone is just friends with one.

So why am I not talking to someone nor one?
Should I go ahead
And talk to someone
Or remain friends with one?


You are blind
But you can see
I am not
But I cannot.

You are deaf
But you can hear.
I am not
But I cannot.

You are mute
But still you can say.
I am not
But I cannot.

You see, you hear, you say
More than night and day
For He the one who made
The eyes, the ears, the mouth.

Blesses the blind, the deaf, the mute
For they seek the truth
So in the eyes of God
I'm the deaf, the blind & the mute.

The spell I cast on you
I hope it won't come true
Coz then I will be blue
For what I did to you.

I cast a spell
To whom it dwell
A place too swell
But with a funky smell.

A tip a toe
A wind to blow
You rip you sow
And there you go.

The sun & moon
Combined too soon
Here comes the goon
To blue lagoon.

You make me stare
But I don't care
We make a pair
So don't despair.

Here's a pen
For all the men
The luck is then
A good omen.

Goodnight delight
So come tonight
from here to midnight
A perfect twilight.

A waste of time
But still divine
What is yours
Would still be mine.

Here I cast a spell
So you'll be mine
But no hurt be done
And everything be fine.

The name I speak
I speak alone
Now the spell's at peak
You're mine at my tone.


Let it out, let it out
Oh just let it out
Break that silence
That embodies your part.

Speak up, speak up
Let him hear, let him hear
Those lovely words
In his curious ears.

Tell him, tell him
Before it's too late
Just come up to him
And tell him what you think.

Come up, come up
Oh no! Don't give up!
Don't let another person
Let it all out.

What went wrong?
You tell me!
What went wrong?
Look at me!
What went wrong?
Just ask me!
What went wrong?
I'm not me!
What went wrong?
Just hear me!
What went wrong?
Many likes me!
What went wrong?
I hate me!

I've been here and there
Living by the shadows

I'm raised by humans
But act like a beast

I'm different from the pack
And I'm proud to be

Whoever disgraces me
Does not matter much to me

Because I have been here and there
I can see things a lot better.


I rushed to the door
And then I sat
I heard you breathing hard
Behind my back.

I was breathing hard too
But not as loud as you
Many minutes passed
I can still hear you breathing hard.

It made me think
"What's wrong with you?"

You left
And then I left.
I was walking
Then you turned around.

I smiled and said "Hey!"
You smiled and did the same.
You were going to say something
Well, at least I hoped
But one thing is certain
You were still breathing hard.

Gazing at the shadow
I can see a light
Footsteps came to follow
And then silence came to flight.

Turntables are set
I can hear a scratch
Then the beat met
And everything matched.

Music filled the air
Everyone is enjoying
Everybody there
Happy of everything.

But the turntable stopped
Everything just dropped
Everyone gathered around
As the DJ laid on the ground.

A walking disaster
Still yet to discover
Taking a plunge
The hidden grunge.

Go to the right
No sun shines bright
Go to the left
An eggless nest.

Just go straight
And he'll create
A life not blue
And a love so true.