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-November 7, 2003 (6:20 PM)
  I added Andrew's first episode of his short series.  Kind of resembles "Teen Girl Squad" on Homestar Runner.  It's in the flash video things section.

-November 7, 2003 (4:07 PM)
I added another of my own flash videos.

-November 6, 2003 (6:57 PM)
I added my first flash video ever.  "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta".

-November 6, 2003 (5:25 PM)
Another delay in updates.  I will soon have a bunch of flash media stuff that i didnt steal from another site!  Yes, i will be making some, I will alos be posting some made by Andrew Mykich.

-October 26, 2003 (8:07 PM)
It's been a while since last update.  I added a cars section to the pictures section, so I know you are dying to check them out.

-October 7, 2003 (5:30 PM)
Updated the All Your Base Are Belong To Us 3 link, so it works now.  I have decided to change the poll every wendsday, so that means i will change it tomaro.

-October 5, 2003 (8:33 PM)
Added one new flash video thing.

-October 3, 2003 (11:08 PM)
Added one new flash video thing.

-October 2, 2003 (8:25 PM)
Added four new flash video things.

-October 1, 2003 (10:27 PM)
  Added one new picture.

-October 1, 2003 (9:24 PM)
Got way better forums that do not suck.  So go there and chat, and become a member.

-October 1, 2003 (8:44 PM)
Added two new flash video things and on more game.

-October 1, 2003 (4:24 PM)
Added the new poll.
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