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A Century's Worth
-stories on UP's 100 years and the celebration of its centennial-

  1. UP and its American Heritage
    • Parallelisms in UP’s History
  2. The Fighting Maroons
  3. In Brod's Hands: Fraternity Deaths in UP
  4. The Implications of the UP North Science and Technology Park
    • Campus Development
  5. Behind the Scenes: Preparations for UP Centennial
    • Radikal na Sentenaryo
    • Centennial Budget
    • Preparations for the Kick-off
    • In the other UP units
  6. Songs of Hope and Pride
  7. Analysis of the Education System
    • ToFI history
  8. Bastion of Activism
  9. Sa Ngalan ng Urbanidad
  10. Tradition of Dissent

Some photos from my flickr account
The floor where arguments are presented
Shot from afar: Presidential First Son Rep. Mikey Arroyo and then newly elected Speaker of the House Rep. Prospero Nograles
The Batasang Pambansa from afar


The Route to a Remarkable Writing (for Rascals)

The child is a special kind of person, though adults think otherwise. He is like a blank slate waiting for someone to write on him. He is like a flower that needs to be talked to every morning and to be watered everyday. He is like a puppy that needs constant petting from his master. Sometimes, he can be the deadliest critic or judge of others, especially the grownups; but most of the time, he acts like a wet rag absorbing all that he learns from the adults around him. When you decide to write for children, you are taking the responsibility of providing the love, care, and attention the child continuously needs during this phase in his life. Read more»

News Feature

March 29, 2008

UP Ang Galing Mo

A Century's Worth: UP through years of education, struggle and making history

The University of the Philippines is celebrating its one hundredth birthday. Yes, it has been a century. A century that witnessed the births of the greatest minds of this country; a century filled not only with achievements and discoveries but also with the struggles that made history and shaped the nation.

Being the premier state university and boasting of what UP President Roman calls “pre-eminence,” it is just decent if UP celebrates its centenary with a bang. The UP administration is very eager at proposing and implementing its projects, looking forward to a more glorious new century for the University. Read more»


March 13, 2008

A need for no ink

Whether we admit it or not, the new media shapes the way journalism is practiced nowadays. The fact that I took online journalism as an elective proves my strong belief in the potential of the Internet as the new medium which will shape society.

It wasn’t what I originally planned, admittedly being a late bloomer when it comes to technical stuff, but in one of the chitchats I had with fellow journalism majors, I was convinced by the premise that this is the “wave of the future.” Read more»


March 6, 2008

The state of education in the State U The Oblation. Sourced from the University of the Philippines Website

University of the Philippines (UP) students are said to be enjoying the best education ever offered in the country, with UP ranking 1st locally and 398th in the of the world’s 500 best schools.

A diploma from UP promises one the key to a successful career, says Prof. Luis Teodoro of the UP Department of Journalism. That is why annually, he added, it attracts the best and the brightest high school students to take the “dreaded” UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). Read more»

February 7, 2008

The Politics of Power Dressing
ACLE 2008: GROOMING GURUS. The Politics of Power Dressing. Courtesy of UP Prime Movers.

Clothing is a basic need, with the fundamental task of protecting the body from heat and cold. But as people discovered things and gave rise to civilizations, clothes slowly acquired a deeper purpose: a kind of expression of oneself, and eventually, a status symbol.

In the University of the Philippines, school uniforms are not required of students and professors because of its so-called “academic freedom.” One can wear shorts or just slip on good old rubber slippers and not get in trouble with the guards on duty, unlike in other schools. Practically anything can be worn to class at the expense of one’s own values, thus, making or breaking a student’s perspective about dressing up. Read more»

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