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Mason Dixon Spice LLC •  Private Label Program, Co-Packing and Restaurant Supplies

Chef Mason's •  Our name brand product line BBQ, Seasonings, Salsa & Hot Sauces

Bad Ass Pepper Company •  Hot Sauces


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Mason Dixon Spice LLC is a Manufacturer of Hot sauce, Barbecue Sauce Seasonings and Salsaís our company provides a Private Label Program, Co-Packing, Distributor Info on all of our products and Restaurant Supplies for front and back of the house.

Chef Mason’s is our name brand product line. Chef Mason’s Seasonings, BBQ Sauces, Gourmet Hot Sauces made with Habanero Peppers and Cayenne Peppers , Salsa’s and Hot Wing Sauces are coming to a store near you soon. You can also purchase Chef Mason’s Products from our web site now.

Bad Ass Pepper Company is our Hot Sauce area here you can purchase our non-politically correct labels Confederate Hell Fire, Pit Bull, Hardtail Express, Eradicator, Packing Heat Etc.

Thank you, from the staff of Mason Dixon Spice LLC.

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NOTE: Mason Dixon Spice products are now disbursed between Chef Mason’s Brand and Bad Ass Pepper Company products.

**Chef Mason Brand**

*Barbecue Sauces
*Seasonings and Rubs (Retail Size)
*Hot Sauces (mostly the mild ones)


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Chef Mason Products

Private Label
Private Label Program



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