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I'm living in Al Ain,United Arab Emirates. It has been called the garden city of the middle east. There are some gardens but they are far outnumbered by the sand dunes.  For a more careful look at my adopted home

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"Never mistake motion for action. " - Ernest Hemingway

"Hemingway was a jerk. " - Harold Robbins

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Zanskar Trip:  Sept-Oct 2002

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A comparitive study: Bushims /Budhisms
Men from the Middle East


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6 days, 8 passes and very good weather. Thank you Annessa  for the blue Old Navy Visor. 

  ?   Next trips to Ethiopia and Iran and the Musamdam Pennisula


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  Spain: May 2002 Kenya: Feb. 2002 Sri Lan.Dec. 2001