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Notes from the Trail
Reviews in Western Lit
Read about my favorite hikes in the Western United States and Canada. With photos from the trail, links to park guides, and recommended sites for hikers. Nominate your favorite works of Western fiction, read and respond to reviews of my favorite books, and visit other sites devoted to books about places and people west of the Mississippi.
Western History: States and Provinces
GeoCities Help
A compilation of on-line archives and exhibition resources addressing state and provincial history in the United States and Canada. Visit here to learn more about building web pages or get help with your own HTML code.
Homage to Northern Exposure
Resources in American History
My tribute to the best television show ever made. The Homage features legends as told by Marilyn Whirlwind and word-play by Chris Stevens. My other web site, this one devoted to the history of the United States since 1865. The site includes on-line versions of my recent research work at Cal-Berkeley.

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