Old El Paso Bean and Cheese Frozen Burritos

I'm a believer. Lemme skip this crap and get to it -->
Remember your college days?  You know, the ones where you were broke and hungry-- sometimes drunk?  (granted, some of you know what I'm talking about.. the rest of you can bug off.) 

Well, in my time of starvation I turned to the only friend I had- Comida of the gods, if you will.. the Old El Paso Bean and Cheese Burrito (Frozen)

It was the best damn frozen burrito ever made.  Not those "hey-I-got-ten-in-a-package-even-though-they-taste-and-smell-like-cardboard" burritos.  I'm talking spicy, big, heavenly burritos here!! 

At 59 cents, you couldn't beat this burrito.  It had it all: style, quality and flavor.  It even came in Beef and Bean, but the Bean and Cheese was the undisputed King of Frozen Goodness.

I mean, c'mon what other burrito tastes just as good microwaved as it does baked?!  Granted, you had to let the thing cool off first-- it usually ended up scalding you if you tried to eat it straight from the microwave.  But that was part of its charm!!  What other delicious food could also be used as a deadly weapon?

The perfect meal, the perfect snack. This burrito was whatever you wanted it to be. Until.. yes, Old El Paso, in their infinite wisdom, deemed it necessary to kill this product.

Old El Paso has stopped making the frozen burrito product line, but their website has this picture of how to fold a burrito, thereby taunting you further into burrito-crazed rage.
Did they ask us?! NO. They just went about it like it wouldn't affect our daily lives. Some of us (I think you know who) simply wandered into our favorite grocery store to find that the burrito section was mysteriously REPLACED with a stack of FISH STICKS!! Troubled, we desperately re-traced our steps, only to come back to the same spot-- devoid of any tasty pre-packaged Mexican parcels of tummy tempting goodness.

Devastated, we whimpered our way back to our respective abodes, passing weeks at a time submerged under pillows, weeping and wailing.

Until! We started believing in the power of the PEOPLE! -->

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Christopher Walken likes burritos, too.