BBall Letter 2 to Dr. Michael W. Ecker

To: Dr. Michael W. Ecker                               1993-10-01
    REC, 909 Violet Terrace, Clarks Summit, PA 18411

From: Harry J. Smith, 19628 Via Monte Dr., Saratoga, CA 95070

Enclosures: DOS disk with this letter and 8 BBall programs.

Dear Mike,

I have updated my 8 BBall programs.  This is the last update I plan to make.  This disk is
a complete replacement of the one I sent earlier.  It includes my previous letter for
documentation sake.

For the new programs the inputs are:

          GL1 = Games Left to play, 1st place team
          GL2 = Games Left to play, 2nd place team
          GE  = Games to play each other
          GA  = Games ahead = 0, 0.5, ...

The outputs are:

          MNT1 = Magic Number to tie for 1st place team
          MNW1 = Magic Number to win for 1st place team
          MNT2 = Magic Number to tie for 2nd place team
          MNW2 = Magic Number to win for 2nd place team
          P    = Probability that 1st place team beats 2nd place team
          Q    = Probability that 2nd place team beats 1st place team
          1/Q  = 1 / Probability that 2nd place team beats 1st place team
          Odds = P/Q : 1 (=1/Q - 1 : 1)

The updated files are:

          BBallP.Pas    BBallP.Exe   : Pascal version
          BBallC.C      BBallC.Exe   : C version
          BBallCpp.Cpp  BBallCpp.Exe : C++ version
          BBallCpW.Cpp  BBallCpW.Exe : C++ for Windows version
          BBallQ.BAS    BBallQ.Exe   : QBASIC version
          BBallB.BAS    BBallB.Exe   : GWBASIC version
          BBallF.FOR    BBallF.Exe   : FORTRAN version
          BBallA.Pkg    BBallA.Exe   : ADA version



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