BBall Letter 3 to Dr. Michael W. Ecker

Subj:	9'th BBall Program
Date:	94-05-27 17:22:01 EDT
From:	HJSmith
To:	DrMichaelE

File:  BBALLVB.ZIP (230702 bytes)
DL time (9600 baud): < 6 minutes


Remember my BBall program written in 8 languages:

    BBallP.Pas    BBallP.Exe   : Pascal version
    BBallC.C      BBallC.Exe   : C version
    BBallCpp.Cpp  BBallCpp.Exe : C++ version
    BBallCpW.Cpp  BBallCpW.Exe : C++ for Windows version
    BBallQ.BAS    BBallQ.Exe   : QBASIC version
    BBallB.BAS    BBallB.Exe   : GWBASIC version
    BBallF.FOR    BBallF.Exe   : FORTRAN version
    BBallA.Pkg    BBallA.Exe   : ADA version

Well I now have a 9th version.  It is written in Visual Basic 2.0.

    BBallVB.MAK   BBallVB.Exe  : Visual Basic Windows version

A friend of mine updated his Visual Basic to version 3.0, and gave me
his 2.0 version. I had to try it out. Works great.

QuickBASIC and GWBasic are the languages of choice for REC, but it is
interesting to include other languages.

I don't know if you are familiar with VB. To run a VB 2.0 program you
need the file VBRUN200.DLL in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory or in the
same directory as the .EXE file. I have included VBRUN200.DLL in the
BBallVB.Zip file, but you may already have it.


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