XICalc for Windows

XICalc - Extra Precision Integer Calculator


XICalc is a calculator program with the following features:

* Multiple precision integers with millions of digits
* Uses Fast Hartley Transform to speed-up long multiplies
* Uses Binary Splitting to speed-up computing factorials
* Separate input and output notation, base 2 to base 36
* Greatest Common Divisor function
* Modulo arithmetic options
* Bernoulli numbers, Euler Numbers
* Boolean functions
* Random number generator
* Prime factor algorithm using the Elliptic Curve Method
* Number theoretic functions Phi, Sigma and Tau
* Prime testing and searching using the Adleman function
* Algebraic notation (not reverse polish)
* If-then-else statement
* Goto statement
* Can run XICalc code from files
* Hot Help from F1 key
* Written in Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2005 for Windows

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