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EasterCS - What date does Easter Sunday come on in a given year?


EasterCS is a program that computes when Easter comes in a given year:

Easter Sunday is the Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon (PFM)
date for the year.

Western Easter Sunday date is based on Scientific American, March 2001,
Mathematical Recreations by Ian Stewart, Page 82.
The period is 5,700,000 years.
Gregorian calendar started October 15, 1582 (previous day was Oct 4).
Germany switched to Gregorian calendar in 1700.
England and U.S. switched on Sept 14, 1752 (previous day was Sep 2).
Earliest Easter Sunday is on March 22 (in year 1818 and 2285 for example)
Latest Easter Sunday is on April 25 (in year 1943 and 2038 for example).

The Date of Orthodox Easter:
This simple algorithm is listed in the Calendar FAQ by Claus Tondering.
It is based on Oudin's algorithm. E-mail: c-t@pip.dknet.dk.


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