Juggler Numbers

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What is a Juggler Number?
Juggler Letter 1 to Dr. Pickover
Juggler Letter 2 to Dr. Pickover
Juggler Letter 3 to Dr. Pickover
Juggler0.Pas Program Listing
Juggler1.Pas Program Listing
JugglerL.Pas Program Listing
JugglerM.Pas Program Listing
JugglerX.Pas Program Listing
JugglerA.Pas Program Listing
JugglerW.Cpp Program Listing
MultiID.Pas Program Listing
MultiID.Pas Program Listing, Part 2
MultiIDW.h Program Listing
MultiIDW.Cpp Program Listing
MultiIDW.Cpp Program Listing, Part 2
MultiIDW.Cpp Program Listing, Part 3
X(60) condensed to 1 Page (x(0) = 48443)
X(90) condensed to 1 Page (x(0) = 71,10201)

JugglerC C# Console Version txt Document >>> Screen Shot
JugglerC C# Console Version PDF Document

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