Juggler Letter 2 to Dr. Pickover


To: Dr. Clifford A. Pickover, Personal Programs

From: Harry J. Smith, 19628 Via Monte Dr., Saratoga, CA 95070

Dear Cliff,

Happy to here that you liked my Juggler & EarthWorm studies. I would be pleased for you to talk about them in any thing you write.

The software package I used to perform the multiple precision integer arithmetic is a package I wrote in the object-oriented programming (OOP) language Turbo Pascal 5.5 by Borland International, Inc. This package, MultiID, is a subset of the packages I developed for VPCalc, my Variable Precision floating decimal calculator. I sent you a copy of VPCalc.Exe earlier.

Any one can have my code that I used to investigate Juggler numbers, including the MultiID package source code, by sending $5.00 and a request to me at my home address above. I am not trying to make a lot of money, just making sure the requesters are interested.

You may give my name and address in any of your books. I would be happy to here from professional and amateur researchers interested in Juggler numbers and my code. I plan to be at this address for many years.



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