Number Theory, Algorithms, and Real Functions

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Miscellaneous Integer Functions

Bernoulli Numbers, B(n)
Binomial Coefficient C(n, m)
Chinese Remainder Theorem, Generalized (Adobe Reader .pdf file)
Euler Numbers, E(n)
Factorial by Binary Splitting
Fibonacci Numbers
Fibonacci Sequences, Nonstandard
Gaussian Primes
GREAT Internet Mersenne Prime Search GIMPS
GIMPS Milestones
Greatest Common Divisor and LCM
Greatest Common Divisor, Extended
Inverse, Modular
IsSQ Function
Kronecker-Legendre Symbol x Over y
Left-Truncatable Primes >>> Download Program LEFT-TRU
Legendre's Formula PhiL(x, a)
Linear Congruence Equation, Solved
Lucas Sequences
Mersenne Primes
Mersenne Primes, Plot of
Mersenne Prime Discoveries, Plot of
Moebius Mu(x) Function
Multiplicative order Mord(a, n)
Multiplicative Suborder Sord(a, n)
Perfect Numbers
Pi(x) Prime counting function
Primes, Aliquot Parts
Primes, Euler's Totient Function
Primes, Sigma Function
Primes, Tau Function
Primitive Roots
Roman Numeral Conversion >>> Download Program RomanNum
Square Free Function SqFree(x)

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Functions of Real Variables:

Miscellaneous Real Functions
Trigonometric Functions
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Hyperbolic Functions
Inverse Hyperbolic Functions
Transcendental Function Evaluation

Arithmetic-Geometric Mean
Beta Function, Complete
Beta Function, Dirichlet
Binomial Coefficient C(n, m), Generalized
Continued Fraction
Dilogarithm Function
E1(x) Exponential Integral Function One
Ei(x) Exponential Integral Function
Erf(x) Error Function
ErfC(x) Complementary Error Function
Eta Function, Dirichlet
Gamma Function
GamL(a, x) = Lower Incomplete Gamma Function
GamP(a, x) = Lower Regularized Incomplete Gamma Function
GamQ(a, x) = Upper Regularized Incomplete Gamma Function
GamU(a, x) = Upper Incomplete Gamma Function
Lambda Function, Dirichlet
Lerch Transcendent Phi Function
Li(x) Logarithmic Integral
NormC(x, m, s) Normal Cumulative Distribution Function
NormS(x) Standard Normal Cumulative Distribution Function
Polylogarithm Function
Psi Digamma Function
Ri(x) Riemann Prime Counting Function
Zeta Function, Riemann
Zeta Function, Hurwitz

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