Computing Pi

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What is Pi?
Why Compute Pi?
Computing Pi with PiW
PiW Documentation
Brief History of Pi Calculations
Declared Record: 6,442,450,000 Decimal Digits
Declared Record: 51,539,600,000 Decimal Digits
Declared Record: 68,719,470,000 Decimal Digits
Declared Record: 206,158,430,000 Decimal Digits
Declared Record: 1,241,100,000,000 Decimal Digits
Super_PI For Windows (calculation of pi up to 33.55 million digits)
Super_PI ftp server
Gauss-Legendre Algorithm
Pi (s = m^2 + n^2) Letter to Dr. Michael W. Ecker
Micro-Pi Letter to Dr. David Chudnovsky
Extract Hex Digits of Pi Program Listing in C++, PiQP

Download Super_PI Program
Download PiW Program
Download PiQP Program
Download XPCalc - Can compute Pi to 67.1 million decimal digits

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