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Early Junkers Aircraft

Reissner Cunard

Junkers J1 (E-I)

Junkers J2

Junkers J3

Junkers J4 (J-I)

Junkers J5

Junkers J6 (Parasol)

Junkers J7

Junkers J8

Junkers J9 (D-I)

Junkers J10 (CL-I)

Junkers J11 (CLS-I)

Junkers J12




Junkers Aircraft of the early Twenties

Junkers J12 (2)

Junkers F13

Junkers JG1

Junkers J15

Junkers K16

Junkers J17

Junkers J18

Junkers T19

Junkers A20 (R02)

Junkers H21

Junkers H22

Junkers T23

Junkers G24 (R42, K30)

Junkers Ju25

Junkers A25

Junkers T26/T27

Junkers J28

Junkers T29

Junkers K30

Junkers G31

Junkers A32 (K39)

Junkers W33

Junkers W34 (K43)


Junkers Aircraft of the early Thirties

Junkers A35

Junkers S36/K37

Junkers G38

Junkers K39 (A32)

Junkers J40

Junkers W41

Junkers J42

Junkers K43

Junkers J44

Junkers K45 (Ju52)

Junkers Ju46

Junkers K47/A48

Junkers Ju49

Junkers A50

Junkers K51 (G38)

Junkers Ju52

Junkers K53 (A35)

Junkers J54

Junkers J56/J58

Junkers Ju60/Ju160

Junkers Aircraft of WW II

Junkers EF61

Junkers Ju62 to Ju76

Junkers EF77

Junkers Ju82

Junkers Ju84

Junkers K85

Junkers Ju85

Junkers Ju86

Junkers Ju87 (Stuka)

Junkers Ju88

Junkers Ju89

Junkers Ju90

Junkers Ju91 to Ju94

Junkers Ju147

Junkers Ju160

Junkers Ju185

Junkers Ju186

Junkers Ju187

Junkers Ju188

Junkers Ju248

Junkers Ju252

Junkers Ju268

Junkers Ju286

Junkers Ju287

Junkers Ju288

Junkers Ju289

Junkers Ju290

Junkers Ju291 to Ju292

Junkers Ju322 (Mammut)

Junkers Ju352

Junkers Ju356

Junkers Ju388

Junkers Ju390

Junkers Ju488

Junkers Ju635



Junkers Aircraft Projects

Junkers R.I

Junkers JM1

Marine G

Seaboat F


Junkers J1000

Junkers EFo Jet Studies

Junkers EFo 021

Junkers EFo023 to EF041

Junkers EF043

Junkers EF044 to EF049

Junkers EF050

Junkers EF051 to EF081

Junkers EF082

Junkers EF083 to EF099

Junkers EF100

Junkers EF101

Junkers EF102 to EF111

Junkers EF112

Junkers EF113 to EF125

Junkers EF126/EF127

Junkers EF128

Junkers EF129

Junkers EF130

Junkers EF131 to EF152

Junkers Battle Jet



Junkers Post WW II Studies

Junkers RT8 Spacecraft





Junkers L-Series Engines

Junkers L1

Junkers L2

Junkers L3/L4

Junkers L5

Junkers L55

Junkers L7

Junkers L8

Junkers L88

Junkers L10




Junkers Jumo Piston Engines

Jumo 210

Jumo 211

Jumo 212

Jumo 213

Jumo 214/221

Jumo 222

Jumo 225


Junkers Fo/Jumo Diesel Engines

(1929 to 1945)

Junkers Fo2

Junkers Fo3

Fo4 / Jumo204

Jumo 205

Jumo 206

Jumo 207

Jumo 208

Jumo 209

Jumo 218

Jumo 223/224



Junkers Jumo Jet Engines

Magdeburg Jet Engine

Jumo 004

Jumo 012

Jumo 022

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