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The following overview disregards the developement projects (EFxxx, etc.) It only mentions the major Junkers aircraft designs between 1915 and 1945. According to our Junkers Aircraft Production Lists there are

82 different Junkers aircraft types and
29.775 Junkers built aircraft
plus license built aircraft (Casa, Amiot)
13.731 aircraft built by Junkers Flugzeugwerke
while the remaining aircraft were built by other aircraft companies.

Aircraft Classes are broken down into the following categories:
Fighter Aircraft Designs           10 types        59 built
Combat Aircraft Designs             4 types       275 built
Surveyer Aircraft Designs           5 types       123 built
Bomber Aircraft Designs            20 types    23586+ built
Training Aircraft Designs           7 types       359 built
Postal Aircraft Designs             8 types        96 built
Transport Aircraft Designs         26 types      5277 built
Experimental Aircraft Designs       2 types         3 built
More than 78% of the total Junkers aircraft production were bomber designed aircraft. A further 19% of the Junkers production were dedicated passenger, but mostly cargo transport aircraft. All other utilization classes are untypical Junkers developement classes.

Additional aircraft were built for other aircraft producers during WWII:
40 x Heinkel He111, 14 x Heinkel He 162, 308 x Messerschmitt Me 163

About 25.600 aircraft were built during the war years from 1939 to 1945. That means, 86% of all Junkers aircraft were built for WWII usage. Just 1300 aircraft, that is 4% of the total production, were built between 1915 and the beginning of the Nazi industrialization in 1933.

A detailled production list by types and serial no. and further information about Junkers production rates are also available on the Hugo Junkers Homepage at Junkers Production Lists.

Interesting might also be the approach for an annual production table of Junkers Flugzeugwerke, which you might find here.

Junkers Fighter Aircraft Designs

Initial Junkers aircraft designs were fighter aircraft.
A total of 10 fighter types were developed, most of them during WWI.
About 60 fighter aircraft had been built until 1945, most of them D-1s of WWI.
J1 (E-1)    f/f: 12.12.1915   1 built   first Junkers aircraft, 
                                        experimental only
J2 (E-2)    f/f: 11.07.1916   6 built   experimental design
J3          f/f: --.--.----   1 built   experimental design 1916, 
                                        not finished
J5          f/f: --.--.----   0 built   designed 1916, not built
J6          f/f: --.--.----   1 built   designed 1916 to 1919, 
                                        not finished
J7          f/f: 17.09.1917   1 built   experimental design
J9 (D-1)    f/f: xx.04.1917  47 built   serial produced fighter
J22         f/f: 30.11.1923   2 built   designed for Russian AF
J28         f/f: --.--.----   0 built   desig. for Russian AF in 1925
Ju248       f/f: 31.12.1944   1 built   improved Me263

Other aircraft types, also used as fighters:
J21 surveyer, Ju388 bomber, A20/25/35 postal aircraft 

Junkers Combat Aircraft Designs

Initial Junkers all-metal aircraft designs were most successfull as combat aircraft
During WWI a total of 4 combat aircraft types were designed.
About 278 combat aircraft were built, most of them J-1s of WWI.
J4   (J-1)    f/f: 17.01.1917     227 built      first serial produced
J8   (CL)     f/f: 10.12.1917       4 built      experimental design
J10  (CL-1)   f/f: 04.05.1918      44 built      
J11  (CLS-1)  f/f: 23.10.1918       3 built      J10 seaplane version

Several other Junkers types also used as combat aircraft:
J21 surveyer, Ju87 dive bomber, A20/25/35 and A48 dive bomber

Junkers Reconaissance Aircraft Designs

During WWI most combat aircraft were also used as surveyer aircraft
After WWI a total of 5 dedicated surveyer aircraft were developed.
A total of 120 dedicated surveyer aircraft were built, all of them J21 for Russia.
J18           f/f: --.--.----       0 built      design 1921
                                                 not built
J21           f/f: 12.06.1923     120 built      built at Fili
K39           f/f: xx.xx.1926       0 built      1 converted from A32
R41           f/f: --.--.----       0 built      converted from A20
Ju635         f/f: --.--.----       0 built      improved Do335
                                                 surveyer design

Other Junkers surveyer aircraft:
all WWI combat aircraft types, 
Ju88/188/288 bomber, 
Ju90/290/390 airliner

Junkers Bomber Aircraft Designs

Junkers was famous for its bomber aircraft designs.
About 20 bomber aircraft designs were developed betweeen WWI and 1945
of which 11 designs reached the prototype stage and 8 were produced in series.
A total of about 22938 (plus Ju86 figures) bombers were built by Junkers until 1945.
The Ju287 bomber design of 1944 was the sole jet powered Junkers aircraft.
K30   f/f: xx.xx.1925      30 built  built at Limhamn as R42, 
                                     at Fili as JuG-1
Ju25  f/f: --.--.----       0 built  designed for Russia in 1924, 
                                     not built
K37   f/f: 05.09.1927       0 built  one converted from S36
K51   f/f: --.--.----       0 built  bomber version of G38, 
                                     5 built as Ki20 in Japan
K43   f/f: --.--.----       0 built  bomber/cargo aircraft from W34
K45   f/f: --.--.----       0 built  bomber/cargo aircraft from Ju52
K47   f/f: 15.09.1929      25 built  dive bomber converted from A48
Ju86  f/f: 04.11.1934     ??? built  medium bomber, 
                                     also airliner versions available
Ju186 f/f: --.--.----       0 built  not built, high altitude bomber 
                                     version of Ju86
Ju286 f/f: --.--.----       0 built  not built, high altitude bomber 
                                     version of Ju86
Ju87  f/f: 17.09.1935    6513 built  dive bomber
Ju187 f/f: --.--.----       0 built  not built, 
                                     further Ju87 developement
Ju88  f/f: 21.12.1936   15183 built  horizontal/dive bomber, 
                                     also surveyer
Ju188 f/f: 24.06.1942    1036 built  further Ju88 developement
Ju388 f/f: xx.xx.1943     103 built  further Ju88 fighter developement
Ju488 f/f: --.--.----       2 built  destroyed before f/f, 
                                     improved Ju88 with four engines
Ju89  f/f: 11.04.1937       2 built  strategic bomber
Ju268 f/f: --.--.----       0 built  Mistel bomber design of 1944
Ju287 f/f: 16.08.1944       2 built  jet bomber design
Ju288 f/f: 29.11.1940      22 built  further developed Ju88

Other Junkers bomber designs:
all combat aircraft of WWI, 
some A20 postal aircraft, 
W34 and Ju52 passenger airliner

Junkers Training/Sports Aircraft Designs

A total of 7 trainer types were designed during the twenties, most for experimental use.
About 108 training and sports aircraft were built during the years.
The most successfull sports aircraft design was the A50 of 1929.
T19           f/f: 14.07.1922       3 built      experimental 
T23           f/f: 04.09.1923       4 built      
T26           f/f: 23.10.1923       4 built      
T27           f/f: xx.xx.1925       1 built      converted T26
T29           f/f: 22.04.1925       2 built      
A48           f/f: 15.09.1929      25 built      
A50           f/f: 13.02.1929      69 built      

Other training/sport aircraft:
A20/25/35 postal aircraft, 
A32 postal aircraft

Junkers Postal Aircraft Designs

During the twenties several dedicated postal aircraft designs were developed by Junkers
A total of 8 postal aircraft types were designed.
About 196 postal aircraft were built, most of them A20/25/35.
A20     f/f: xx.03.1920   63 built   built at Dessau,Fili,Tomtasch, 
                                     also military used
A25     f/f: xx.xx.xxxx    0 built   all converted from A20
A35     f/f: xx.xx.1925  123 built   built at Dessau, Fili, 
                                     also military used
A32     f/f: xx.xx.1926    2 built   also used as surveyer aircraft
S36     f/f: 05.09.1927    2 built   also used as surveyer aircraft 
                                     and bomber (K37)
Ju46    f/f: xx.03.1932    5 built   used as psotal aircraft 
                                     from bord NDL steamers
W41     f/f: xx.08.1929    1 built   converted from F24
J54     f/f: --.--.----    0 built   not built, 
                                     further A35 developement of 1930

Junkers Airliner, Cargo and Transporter Designs

Following WWI Junkers started his carreer as the father of Germany's air transport.
A total of 26 passenger-, cargo- and military transport aircraft were designed until 1945
of which 19 reached the prototype stage and 12 were built in series.
About 5745 transport aircraft (military+civil) were built until the end of WWII
Most of them were Ju52s, which were also used as bombers.
J12     f/f: --.--.----       0 built   not built, continued as F13
F13     f/f: 25.06.1919     322 built   first Junkers airliner, 
                                        also cargo aircraft
JG1     f/f: --.--.----       1 built   wide body aircraft, 
                                        not finished in 1921
J15     f/f: 04.09.1920       1 built   experimental design, 
                                        continued as K16
K16     f/f: xx.xx.1921      15 built   small passenger airliner
J17     f/f: --.--.----       0 built   not built, improved K16 
G23/G24 f/f: 18.09.1924      50 built   built at Dessau and Limhamn, 
                                        also military use
F24     f/f: xx.xx.1928       0 built   11 aircraft converted from G24
G31     f/f: 07.09.1926      13 built   also used as cargo aircraft
W33     f/f: 17.06.1926     199 built   cargo/passenger airliner
W34     f/f: 07.07.1926     100 built   cargo/passenger airliner, 
                                        also military used
G38     f/f: 06.11.1928       2 built   wide body passenger aircraft
J40     f/f: --.--.----       0 built   not built, G38 seaplane design
Ju52    f/f: 03.09.1930    4835 built   also used as bomber/transporter
J56     f/f: --.--.-----      0 built   not built, 
                                        K16 replacement of 1930
J58     f/f: --.--.-----      0 built   not built, 
                                        W33 replacement of 1930
Ju60    f/f: 08.11.1932       2 built   quick passenger airliner
Ju160   f/f: 30.01.1934      18 built   further Ju60 developement
EF77    f/f: --.--.----       0 built   not built, improved Ju52
Ju86    f/f: 04.11.1934      60 built   passenger airliner, 
                                        also bomber versions available
Ju90    f/f: 28.08.1937      17 built   wide body passenger airliner
Ju290   f/f: 16.07.1942      48 built   improved Ju90
Ju390   f/f: 20.10.1943       1 built   improved six engined Ju90 
                                        military transporter
Ju252   f/f: 05.06.1942      15 built   improved Ju52 
Ju352   f/f: 18.08.1943      44 built   improved Ju252
Ju322   f/f: xx.04.1941       2 built   military transport glider

Experimental Junkers Designs

A lot of experimental designs were developed at Junkers throughout the years.
But just two aircraft are dedicated experimental aircraft:
Ju49     f/f: 02.10.1931       1 built   high altitude test aircraft
EF61     f/f: 04.03.1937       2 built   high altitude test aircraft

Other major experimental designs:
Ju287 bomber, J1 fighter, etc.

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