Junkers EF-051 to EF-081
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EF-051 - nothing known
EF-052 - AFI design study of the K85
EF-053 - early design of the later EF100
EF-054 - nothing known
EF-055 - design study for Ju287
EF-056 - design study for Ju287
EF-057 - design study for Ju287
EF-058 - design study for Ju287
EF-059 - design study for Ju88
EF-060 - early design of the later EF127/128
EF-061 - experimental aircraft design, also EF061/Ju61
EF-062 - early design studies of the EF128
EF-063 - early design studies of the EF128
EF-064 - nothing known
EF-065 - probably early EF82 design (?)
EF-066 - design study for Ju287
EF-067 - design study for Ju287
EF-068 - design study for Ju287
EF-069 - nothing known
EF-070 - nothing known
EF-071 - aerodynamical wing tip test model (at least 5 different models)
EF-072 - early design study for EF77/Ju252
EF-073 - design study for Ju288
EF-074 - nothing known
EF-075 - nothing known
EF-076 - nothing known
EF-077 - design study for EF77/Ju252
EF-078 - nothing known
EF-079 - nothing known
EF-080 - nothing known
EF-081 - nothing known

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