Junkers EF-126 / EF-127 / Junkers Argus Design
( also EF60, nicknames: Elly and Walli )
rocket fighter aircraft

published in Flugzeug Classic 3/2003

The EF60 was the first design of series of Junkers rocket fighter aircrafts. The design of the EF60 was similar to the V1 design with Argus-engine but it was equipped with a single-seated cockpit. Due to the intensive power loss of the Argus rocket engine in higher altitudes, the original role as fighter aircraft was dropped. Instead, the design was further developed as a combat aircraft under the designator EF126 Elly. A mockup was built until the end of WWII. But as the RLM was not convinced with the Argus engines the EF126 developement stopped.

In 1945 Junkers and Argus tried to solve the power loss problems on the EF126 with an improved design with two Argus As-044 Pulso engines. The fuselage was based on the initial center wing and double tail design of the EF126. These rocket engines were mounted at the rear sides of the fuselage. There is no explicit new EF number known for this design. Probably it was developed still as the EF126, but also this can't be proofed by documents today.

Junkers EF126 and Argus-Junkers Battle Aircraft
from Herwig/Rhode "Geheimprojekte der Luftwaffe III"

In autumn 1944 the RLM started the "Jager-Notprogramm" with a request for a simple fighter aircraft, which was quick enough during its take-off phase for getting contact to the incoming bomber streams, which now were located very late due to the reduced radar surveillance. The special RLM request therefore asked for a fighter, which was able to take-off with the enemy insight and to intercept him before he reaches his target. This meant the request for a rocket fighter.

EF126/EF127 Design Stages

Three companies supplied their designs upon this request. Messerschmitt presented the P.1104 rocket fighter in wooden structure. Heinkel presented the P.1077 Julia and Junkers presented the EF127 Walli. A fourth design was supplied by Bachem with the BP-20 Natter, which finally made the race.

Due to the fact, that the RLM did not like the Argus engines, the EF126 was changed to the Walter HWK engines, which were now integrated into the fuselage. This new design was named EF127 and presented to the RLM according to the "Jager-Notprogramm" aquisition. However until the end of WWII only little further work was performed on that design. Just a mockup was built until the end of WWII.

When the Soviets occupied Dessau, they continued the prototype construction of the EF126 since October 1945. In January 1946 a large scale model became available and the Russians advised the Junkers team to built up to five prototypes. In May 1946 the first prototype was completed and in the same month the EF126-V1 was first flown by Heinz Schreiber. As the aircraft was not equipped with an engine at this time, it was towed by a Ju88G6. During the second non-powered test flight on 21.05.1946 the EF126-V1 crashed on landing at Dessau. The Junkers test pilot Matthies was killed during that accident.

Some modifications were introduced at the four other EF126s and in June 1946 the remaining four aircraft were ready to fly. In Summer 1946 the EF126 were inspected by a Russian governmental commission. Due to the small range, the minimum gun fire and the missing armours they were not satisfied with the EF126 design. However at least three EF126 (-v2, -v3 and -v4) were transfered to Russia for further flight trials in September 1946.

The EF126 developement seemed to have been continued in Russia, at least the EF126-V5 was first flown on 16.03.1947, again a non-powered flight towed by a Ju88 as in Dessau. A total of 12 flights with a flight time of totally 3 hours and 15 minutes were performed in 1947 by the -V3 and the -V5 On 20.06.1948 the Russian Aviation Ministry advised the stop of any further developement of the EF126.

Technical Data:
Aircraft year engine length
in m
in m
wing area
im sqm
net weight
in kg
in kg
seats speed
in km/h
in km
EF126 Elly
EF127 Walli
Argus-Junkers Design
1 x Argus As-044 (500kp)
1 x Walter HWK509 C-1 (400kp)
1 x Jumo 226 (1946)
2 x Argus As-044(475kg)
1 770
12 min.

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