Junkers EF-128
( also EF62 / EF63 )
jet fighter aircraft

published in Luft'46

The EF128, also known as EF62 and EF63, was developed since summer 1944 according to a RLM request for jet fighter aircraft. Parallel designs were started at Blohm+Voss as BV.P.212.03, Focke-Wulf, Heinkel and Messerschmitt. The EF128 was specially designed for ultra short intercept missions against bomber pulks for special object defense. A maximum flight time of 11 minutes were calculated. The aircraft concept showed a tailless design for two people.

In January 1945 the RLM decided to place an order for the serial production of the EF128. The serial production was intended for summer 1945. But no prototype was built until the Soviets occupied Dessau in April 1945.

Technical Data:
Aircraft year engine length
in m
in m
wing area
im sqm
net weight
in kg
in kg
seats speed
in km/h
in km
EF128 1945 1 x Heinkel He-S-011 (1300kp) 7,05 8,90 31,20 2600 1500 1 990 n.a.

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