Junkers Ju82
(probably not used, no offical RLM Designator for Junkers)

Some sources also mention a Junkers Ju82 jet fighter aircraft with two Argus As014 engines. This aircraft was designed for a speed of 800 km/h, but none was built. The RLM Designator List shows an Italian SM transport aircraft under the designator number "82". No Junkers design is mentioned under the "82" at the RLM. Therefore it is very doubtfull, that the Ju82 really existed under that designator.

It might be, that the Ju82 was a probable proposal to the RLM for one of the EFo Jet Fighter Projects of the mid-thirties, which was finally not accepted by the RLM and therefore was not added to the RLM Designator List or which had been withdrawn by Junkers itself before the proposal was made.

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