Jumo 022
( Russian: PTL-22, TV-22 )

Turbo-Prop engine, three stage turbine

Initial ideas for a turbo prop engine were developed at Junkers Motorenbau in 1944. But due to the jet engine priorities of the RLM the turbo prop design Jumo 022 quickly was stopped.

It was designed with a gearing for contra rotating airscrews with a T/O power of up to 4413 kW. This final Junkers project did not leave the design status before end of the war.

Also the Russians at first were not focused on the Jumo 022 design. However in 1947 the turbo prop idea was reinvented in Russia and the Russian commission advised the Junkers team in Moscow to develope the PTL-022 from the Jumo 012B design. In 1950 the first PTL-022 was ready for static tests. It got the Russian designator TW-2/TW-022. In 1952 a twin PTL-022 was developed as 2TW-2F for the Tupolew TU-95 bomber. This engine was designed for 12000hpr. A further final developement was the TW-12 in 1951, also called NK-12, which later was used at the TU-95, TU-114 and AN-22.

Technical Data:
Engine Designator year Compressor Burner Turbines length
in m
max diameter
in m
in kg
Max. Power
in kN
Jumo 022 1945 11 1 3 5,600 1,080 3000 unkn unkn

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