Junkers W41
experimental aircraft, F/F: August 1929, 1 built
cantilever monoplane, corrugated Duralumin

Historical Data:

During the late twenties the three-engined
Junkers G24s were redesigned as single engined aircraft by Luft Hansa under the designator F24. These F24s were equipped with BMW VI or BMW VII engines. One of these F24s (c/n 843) was reengined by Junkers in August 1928 with a Junkers Fo 4 oil engine and became designated as W41. It was used for experimental flights between Dessau and Cologne until it crashed in 1931.

Later on, more F24s were reengined with the further improved Jumo 4 engine. These F24s change their designator to F24kay. Junkers tried to put the W41 on the market as a freighter aircraft, but was not successfull in selling one. So, just a single W41 existed. For technical information goto the Junkers G24 section.

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