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... to the Hugo Junkers Homepage.This page is dedicated to Prof. Hugo Junkers and the Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG. You will find information about all aircraft and engines, developed by Hugo Junkers, the famous German aviation pioneer, between 1915 and 1933, as well as by the Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG, which became Germany's No. 1 Nazi Weapon Factory after the death of Hugo Junkers in 1934.

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54th Edition of the Hugo Junkers Homepage,
updated 28th January 2006

*** Philately Section ***

A major update was performed at the
Philately and Stamps Section.
Thanks to all of you, who provided further stamp informations and images!

*** Company Section ***

Special Thanks to Christoph Turowski,
who supplied a lot of information and material about
the Junkers Metallbau at Munich Allach.

*** Museum Section ***

Some further photos from Technikmuseum Berlin and NASM, Washington were added
in the Jumo 004, Jumo 205, Jumo 211 and the Ju88 Museum Section

For previous updates have a look to the
Update History Section.

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Hugo Junkers' Biography

Development of Junkers Flugzeugbau

Junkers Production Sites

Who is who at Junkers Flugzeugbau?

Junkers International Activities

Junkers Aircraft Types

Junkers Engine Types

Junkers Aircraft Production List

Junkers Airline Activities

Junkers Museum and Wreckage Aircraft
Junkers Ju52 at Alverca
(supplied by A Mimoso e Carvalho)

Detailled View of the Rockcliffe W34
(supplied by Bernd Schuerl)

Ju52 Restoration at Brussel
(supplied by Jos Schoofs)

Junkers on Ice!
(supplied by Birger Larsen)

The Ju88s of the North!
(supplied by Birger Larsen)

The W33 "Bremen" at Bremen
(supplied by Peter Scheller)

Inside Linkoping's Ju86
(supplied by Mikael Olrog)

Backgrounds on Ju52 7U+LK Crash
(supplied by Steinar Henriksen)

CAF Casa 352 at Oshkosh 2003
(supplied by Rolf Ebnet)

Ju52 Salvage Campaign at Leros 2003
(supplied by George Beldecos)

SAA Ju52 at Swartkop 2005
(supplied by Andreas Beck)

Junkers Photo and Image Archive

Junkers Aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulators

Junkers Model Aircraft Kits

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