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Hello all, and welcome!  This is hopefully the beginnings of a bigger & better website, so please bear with me as I start to change things around a bit.  One of the first things you'll notice is that I've decided to go with an "Index" type of site.  I've figured out that I like them better, so why not do it on my site!  You'll be able to navigate through the site better, and it'll be easier for me to build.  So, lets get started with the "good stuff"!
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....some of the links aren't active yet though, so check back often!
Erin Rebecca Westfall
our new baby girl!!
Our 2 year old German Shepherd
The Kitties
The three banes of Meadow's existence
The horses:
registered Morgan horses

Palisade Gypsy Rose -
available for sale or breeding lease

Nightshade -
available for sale
SilverRose Creations
Distinctive German Shepherd
inspired people gear
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