OX Transport Models

OX Transport Models

CMB Arab Mark V
1:76 Diecast
Tree Cutter
Steering Front Axle
Opening Engine Cover
with 1:76 accessories
Brand New Packaging
Limited Edition:
500 Only
On Sale


OX Transport Models  X1001
Diecast CMB Service Car

Guy Arab V  Tow Truck
Air Compressor fitted to the Truck
Open Engine Cover (Better Version)
Open Chassis

New Limited Edition Certificate

Attached with 1:76 Accesories :
Plastic towing bar,
fuel/water drums
& gear box etc..

Limited Edition: 1200 Only
: $288
On Sale

OX Transport Models X1002

1:76 Arab V Water Bowser Diecast Models

Most Highly Qualities  Product 
Open Engine Cover
Open Chassis

New Limited Edition Certificate 

attached with 1:176 water pipe
Hong Kong Litimed Edition : 700 Only
World Wild: 1000 Only 
Price: $248

On Sale