Big book

         Once upon a time, there was a fairy living in a castle of the forest. The castle was made of a lot of sweets.    That fairy was a princess, but she was very naughty.

          One day, the fairy left the castle and Joyce, Katie, Venus, Nanette and Ellie went to the forest for a picnic. Katie found a butterfly. Joyce saidˇ¨ Here is a beautiful butterfly.ˇ¨ 

       Then they caught it. They agreed to bring it home.

       Afterwards, they went home. Venus found this was not a butterfly. It was a fairy. The fairy could speak. She saidˇ¨ I am hungry. I want some sweets. Can you give me?ˇ¨ Ellie gave her some sweets. Then they let the fairy go back and she flew back to the castle.

        The fairy thanked for their help, so she invited them to visit her castle.

         They went to the fairyˇ¦s castle to play. They played hide-and-seek. They enjoyed the games. They had a big dinner, their mother called them to go home.

            Finally, the fairy gave them some presents before they left. On the way home the castle disappeared. They were surprised.

           They met a fairy, but they couldnˇ¦t see the fairy.