Our kindergarten is a charitable establishment and under Education Department supervision and subsidigation. We are aiming at nourishing the children to become well beings, helping them to develop better thinking with creativeness and self-discipline. Thus, the children concerned possess an ideal learning environment.


Our Principal, Miss So, is a well-trained and experienced teacher. We also employed qualified teachers in our kindergarten according to the requirements of the Education Department. With A.A. Approach, the children concerned can be brought up with good learning attitude and confidence. Following the requirment of the standard curriculum of the Education Department, our basic teaching approachs amphasize the development of the children's morality and interest as well.


Parents' Day, subjective seminar and family picinic, etc. are held frequently to enhance the co-operation, understanding and relationship between the parents and the teachers concerned.



Though profound joint discussion and frequent attendence on computer lessons for good common subjects like Putongua, English Colloquy, Physical activities, relationship betwen teachers and students concerned can be helpfully developed.



The size of our school is about 650 sq. There are six rooms for routine lessons with good ventilation. There are also an assembly hall and some othe special rooms for various activities, such as computer room, music hall, playing areas (150 sq.), video room, dancing hall and an outdoor playground.


Teaching facilities includes slide projectors, LCD projectors, over-hear projectors, computers, pianos, etc.

** Our school is oblighted to assist needy family to apply for government school fee subsidary.
Address : G/F., King Hei House & Yat Kei House, Yiu Hing Road, Tung Hei Court, Shaukeiwan, Hong Kong
Telphone : 2915 3341
Fax : 2915 3343
E-mail : abckg@yahoo.com.hk

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