Student   December 13, 2002


Heart of a dancer 


Dancing is regarded as impractical subject in Hong Kong as it is not viewed a a way to make a living. But it is Barry Ip ’s dance training that led to his success as a singer and disc jockey.


 The star said he had been right in his decision to take dancing lessons at the Hong Kong Academy for performing Arts even though the decision was discouraged by his family. Ip has attracted much attention since he joined Metro Broadcast as a disc jockey four years ago. He released his fist album – I Believe- in August. Now he is busy recording a second album.


 This album will have more original songs as it allows Ip to explore his unique singing style. It will include some fast tracks, complemented by dance and some songs from his live performances.


 “Audiences want to see me dance because I am a dancer,” Ip said. Although he has been praised by critics for his singing skills, he has never taken singing seriously.


 “A singer means a star and a star is a great person to me,” he said.

 Getting where is today was no easy task for Ip. He was not an academically talented student, and could not gain 14 points in the HKCEE to study Secondary Six. At that time, he dreamed of becoming a dancer so he applied to the Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in modern dance.


 His family did not approve. They wanted him to retake the HKCEE and then go on to university. But Ip insisted on sticking with his chosen course.

 He put a lot of effort into improving his dancing skills to convince his family that he was serious.


 “I was determined not to give up just because of my family’s objection. I wanted to prove to them that I could be a dancer,” he said.


 During his studies, Ip joined YMC, a former music channel on cable TV, as a part-time host. He later joined joined Metro Broadcast as a DJ. He did not become a professional dancer because the market for such people was limited in Hong Kong.


 But Ip said being a TV host and DJ improved his presentation skills. As he had listened to a variety of music during his dancing lessons, he improved his musical sense, which was essential for being a DJ and singer.


  Ip said that when youngsters are interested in things that are not harmful to others, they should pursue them no matter whether other people agreed with them. ”We need to know our own interests and be serious about it. Otherwise, you will always have regrets,” he said.

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