Hey! Guys... Some of you may be want to know more about me... 

    And some of my friends  can find out some of my details 

                                                                                                         under this page to see that  is it the one you know..


                                          Name:  Alice  Ho                                                     

                                               Birth:  11.7

                                           Icq No. :  75931517

                                 E-mail:  adamalice@hotmail.com

              Family Member:  Dad, Mum, Big Brother, Little Sister

          Hobbies:  Singing, Cooking, Listening to Music, Reading

                      Sports:  Rugby, Badminton, Play Mahjong

                   Food:   Mango, Tuna, Macaroni, Salad, Bacon, 

                                 Lemon Tea , Chocolate, Curds...

                                                Color:  Yellow

                           My Favorites

Singers: Ronan Keating, Stephen Gately, Britney Spears, Nick Carter, Josh Groban, Stacie Orrico, Andy Lau...

Bands: BOYZONE, Evanescence, BSB, Bon Jovi, Placebo...

Musician: Maxsim

Actors: Leonadro Dicaprio, Kate Winslet, Robin Williams, Drew Barrymore, Harrison Ford...

Appreciate one: Jamie Oliver, David Beckham...