Leung Fat Ming



  bulletsMajor of study

Multimadia Studies


  bullets My Documents
  My Documents1 Resume
  My Documents2 My Design

  bullets Relative coursework:

Multimedia project
Work in group of 6 students, we product an educational flash games for The Pyjama Foundation which is based in Brisbane Australia my roles are creating images and testing leader

Evaluation of a high fidelity prototype
Work in group of 3 students, we product an interactive prototype for interactive information Kiosk computer system.

3D modeling
Creating a object and model by using Maya 8

  bullets Personal Summary:

I have just graduated in October 2007 from Bachelor of Multimedia Studies and I am looking for the opportunity to perform in your company. I believe my background and experience will help me be an asset to your company in a very short time.I am extremely interested in working in the business world and I believe that my employment would be beneficial to your company.