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Facilities of EI Department

Microproccessor Lab
This laboratory is aimed at conducting practical sessions of
microcomputer subjects and for students to work on their
microprocessor-based projects.

Major equipment items include:

Microprocessor development systems
Logic analyzers
Virtual instrument
Data-acquisition systems
GPIB-arbitrary function generator and other instrument
2430A digital oscilloscope

Communications Lab
This laboratory focuses in conducting laboratory sessions in the
electronics and communication engineering fields.

Major equipment items include:

Digital transmission training systems
Communication system training sets
GSM tester
Pager tester
Spectrum analyzers
RF Q-meter AM/FM digimarscope
Proctocol analyzer Microwave trainer

Electronics Lab
This laboratory is equipped to conduct laboratory sessions on
fundamental electrical and electronic engineering subjects. All
lab-benches are also wired with three-phase power.

Major equipment items include:

100-Mhz oscilloscopes
Analog and digital training and prototyping systems
Water-tank closed-loop control training system
Servo-motor closed-loop control training system

Project Room
The Electronics Project Room has an area of 200 square metres and
equipped for printed circuit board fabrication, the facility
provides ample room for developing student projects. This room is
also equipped with standard electronic instruments and a LAN.

Photos of Lab Equipment

Photos of Student Projects