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thanks for downloading my flash mp3 player. the player supports various playmodes, 
streaming playback, playhead scrubbing, an xml playlist and an equalizer. An 
iPlayer skin is yet available, and creating your own skin is just a matter of 
changing the symbols.


first put the mp3 files you want to include in the "mp3" folder. then open the 
"mp3player.xml" file with Notepad or another text editor. the file looks like this:

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <player showDisplay="yes" showPlaylist="no" autoStart="yes">
    <song path="mp3/homeland.mp3" title="Postmen - Homeland" />
    <song path="mp3/jazzalude.mp3" title="Basement Jaxx - Jazzalude" />

in the second line there are three settings you can make:
- if the display should be open on startuup. you can insert "yes" or "no".
- if the playlist should be open at starttup. you can insert "yes" or "no".
- if the player should autostart at starttup. you can insert "yes", "no" or 
  "random" (to start a random song. every next song will also be random).

the next two lines are for the two songs i included by default. you should make a 
similar line for every song you want to have in the playlist. the "path" is always
the path from the player to your mp3 file. the "title" is where you can give the 
song the title that displays in the mp3player. please do not use spaces or special 
characters in the "path" and also no special characters in the "title".

after saving and closing the mp3player.xml file, you can copy everything to your 
website. put it all into the same directory as your html page. then copy-paste this 
code to your html page on the place you want the mp3player to appear:

  <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="mp3player.swf" 
    width="280" height="280" wmode="transparent">
  <param name="movie" value="mp3player.swf" />
  <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />


there is one variable you can set in html: the location of the playlist. this is 
handy if you want to use multiple playlists for the mp3player. suppose you have a 
file called "alternate.xml", the code will be this:

  <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="mp3player.swf?playlist=alternate.xml" 
    width="160" height="210" wmode="transparent">
  <param name="movie" value="mp3player.swf?playlist=alternate.xml" />
  <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

you can just copy-paste the entire movieclip from mp3player.fla to your website. 
please put the player inside an empty movieclip or some errors might occur ! it 
should be easy to create a new skin for the flash mp3 player by editing the button
and background symbols. just make sure you leave the script, movieclip names and 
nesting intact.


the mp3 player only accepts mp3 files (no  Shoutcast streams, OGG, WMV, M3U).
support for other audio formats is impossible. also, flash doesn't support vbr 
(variable bit rate) mp3 files. if you play vbr mp3 files, the playback will 
sound like a chipmunks version of your songs. the best way to encode mp3 files 
is to use a fixed bitrate of 64/96/128 kbps with a sample frequency of 22.05kHz 
and joint stereo.

the player is draggable, so if you include it in a big flash movie or html block, 
your visitors can move the player around.

Note that the xml playlists always should be on the same website as the mp3 player 
(security restrictions from flash). You can, however, link to mp3 files from different 
websites ! just include the full http:// address into the "path" variables of the xml.

if the display shows "NaN%" and the song doesn't start playing, there are two options.
first, your server can be too slow to stream mp3 files. try smaller mp3 files or 
another server. second (more probable),  the mp3player cannot find the mp3 files. 
are you sure the links in the xml file are ok ? try using the full "path" including
the http part for the songs. one song line in the xml might look like this then:

  <song path="" title="Postmen - Homeland" />


This script is licensed under a Creative Commons License. 
( It allows 
you to use, modify and redistribute the script as long as you use 
it non-commercially and credit me as the author. For commercial use, 
I distribute licenses of the script at a fee of 15 euros. Please 
contact me if you'd like to obtain one !


Soon: complete 2.0 rewrite of the player, incorporating lots of 
      suggestion made by you guys !
1.1:  some bugfixes and addition of random and autoplay vars.


Check out my Flash MP3 Player Forums for questions or hints regarding 
this script.