Angela Ho
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Hi!我是誰?我咪就係人見人愛的小女孩囉!我現在唸o緊中學。I like blue and light pink because it is very nice for me!I have a glasses.I almost have a long hair.Are you have a beautiful hair???
I like playing computer games ,singing and dancing.I also like to have a photo because it is very  beautiful!!!
I have one sister ,mother and father.My sister is veryfat,is almost 95.She has a long long hair.She also has a glasses.
My ma also has a long hair ,she always says"I am very beautiful in the world!!!"
I also have two 契哥、契姐,
my 契哥 is called Victor
and my 契姐 is called Cara.
They are very nice.
I have a lot of friends,eg:
Monnina So,Anges Li,Margaret Lau,Mandy Mak,Tracy Lam and Janet Leung.But my best friends are is Monnina So,
Tracy Lam and Mandy Mak.