~~Summary of whole group~~

   At last, we haven¡¦t done the things decided to do before, but we get the things out of expect, too.

   At the beginning, we haven¡¦t decided to interview at all. We got the idea while we were going the researching. We found that the brand and the kind of cat food are which are tens of thousands. Different kinds have different uses. To us, which are lack of experiences for caring cats, are more different to do the work. We all noticed that weren¡¦t we want. Then we started to think of what do we really want and have the ability to do. And that¡¦s the idea of interview came.

   We have gone from SPCA to common cat¡¦s owner, their own feelings about cats are all different ,through that we can see different kinds of people, It¡¦s really a rare experience for us.

   After all, we are now the senior form, what we want is something that can inspire our throuht.