Cat of Ancient Egypt

     Because of the agricultural development.the Ancient                   

Egyptians started the domestication to cat around 3000 B.C.

along the books of the Nile,for protected their harvest.

     The Ancient Egyptians admired cat very much,but not only

for its prowess as a hunter,also for its independent spirit.Thats

why the cat achieved the status of sacred feline deity,which has a

high status in Egyptian mythology.

      Egyptian families kept cats as a mark of respect to the gods.When a pet cat died,the whole family would go into monrning,mummified the the dead body and shaving off their

 eyebrows to showtheir sadness.The penalty for killing one,

even by accident,was death.                                                     



Around 525 B.C,the Egyptian even be a beaten by the persian in a 

 war because of cat cat.Cambyese II,the king of persia,ordered his

soldiers to tie a cat on their own shield as a scheme in the war between with hurt the cats giving up was the choice of the Ancient Egyptians.Thisshows how crazy that the Ancient Egyptians

 for the the cats!

Although taking cats out of Egypt was not allowed,

still had some weresmuggled out by the phoenician

 traders and taken to Italy.

From there,cats were introduced to the rest of Europe by the Romans.