A balance diet of cats

Basic nutrients needed in each meal:        

[Use with circle diagram:]

Protein 33%

Vitamins 8%

Carbonhydrates and Fible 26%

Fat 20%

Minerals 13%


Suggestion of cats food

Egg-Can be mixed with the food,

but theres a maximum of twice a week.


Milk-a good source of the protein and calcium,but it cause diarrhea in some cats.The maximum is once a day.


Water-freguent drinking water can help keeping cats kindeys healthy and cutting down the risk of Feline urinary tract disease (FLUTD).To encourage a cat to drink water,a tange ceramic bowl is better than one that made of plastic.Because Cats are sensitive to the chemicals in tap water,so its wise that leave the bowl to stand a while for the chemical smells to disperse.


Vegatables-Cats are animals that must eat meat in order to survive,too much vitamin and mineral are harmful,so its not necessary for a cat has a vegetarian diet .


Raw meat-provide meat protein in a more natural form,but there a risk that might contain pathogen.


Organ-heat can be given at greater amounts because it can be considers a muscle.It is normally paticularly rich in taurin,which is essential for the cat.Kidneys and chicken stomachs should also be included about 1-2 times a week.They are normally a rich source of trace elements.


Bones-Poultry or fish bones can get caught in a cats mouth,if swallowed,can get stuck in the digestive tract.But they are good source of calcium.

Tip:All meal should be served at room temperature.Cats resist both too hot or cold.