Common Behavior of cats



    If a cat thinks it is getting less

    attention, it may push in when

            another  is being stroked.

   It may also try to get attention

by rubbing against it・s owner・s legs.


Eating grass

Cats Swallow some of their fur when they wash.To get rid of these fur they eat grass. Grass won・t harm cats,but the fertilizers and peticides.To solve this,can buy the grass especially for the cats in pet shop.


Watching TV

Some cats enjoy watching television with their owners .It・s probably,the flickering movement of the screen fascinate them.


Looking into mirror

Cats sometimes seem to admire themselves in mirrors.They are attracted by movement they can see.Some cats may even try to look behind a mirror to find the :other cat; they think they have seen.


Opening windows

Cat are lover of freedom and dislike being shut up in enclosed spaces.Many learn to open windows and doors so they can come and go as they please.Cats are also able to find their way back to their own home.



Cats can be very aloof.By nature,they are independent animals and please only themselves.



Much of a cat・s sleep is very light,called as :cat nap; But when a cat fell into a deep sleep,it may dreamand even say somniloquy.



Sometimes,cats will go hunting at night and bring their prey back.It・s based on their natural instinct and a kind of pleasing their owner.


Playing water

Most cats do not like getting wet.They seem to have a natural fear of water although they can swim well.But some cats are fascinated by the movement of water and will sit watching a tap drip. Some may even paw at a trickle of water.Cats may open tap by themselves if they are being thirsty.