Cats body structure

Ears:A cats hearing is more 2-3 time more better than human.Cats ears can turn to 360directions and also used for express feelings.


Vertebra:human only have 32-34 vertebras,but cats have 44-58 vertebras.They are not connect close as human,so that cats can bend their vertebras to L shape.


Tail:widely use to blance an express feelings.


Claw and paws:unlike dogs,cats claws can       

 hide when not in use,so that they can keep

 sharp all the time.The cushioned

Paw pads enable a cat to walk silently,land

safely when jumping and also to feel.


(Eyeshot):Cats eyeshot is about 180,humans is about160.By the way,colours are meaningless to cat.


Nose:cats have about 200 million cells of smell,but human only have 5 million.

Tongue,teeth and whiskers a cats tongue is long,thin and soft,used for lapping liguid and grooning fur.Cats have long,sharp canine teeth,which are used for tearing meat and teasing out knotted hair.The whiskers of cats are very sensitive.They acts as feelers and help the cat aviod abstacles.The whiskers are never less than twelve.


Three conditions of cats pupils

1.      in the dark                  


2.      normal


3.      in the sunshine