Cats in Europe

  During the early middle ages,the Norse goddess Freya was the closest thing to a cat goddess among the Europeans.ItíŽs because of her usual apperance was always surrounded by cats.

  After the fall of the western Roman Empire,was the spread of the Christianity.That caused the failure of the Norse worship,freya became a demon and cats become a symbol of the devil.

  During this period,about hundreds of thousands of cats were torured,hung,burned and even roasted.

  In fact,not only the cats,but the women who were treated as witches had been persecuted.

  May be as a kind of punishment for the cruel action,the black Death was broke out suddenly,With the people dying all over,they had neither the time nor to persecute the cats.

  Although people were pleasing cats for helping cleaning the plague,

But the persecution didníŽt end until into the the twetieth centry,when the christian chunches stopped blaming witches and their familiars,which were always cats finally.