(Wong Ying hung, Elizabeth, 4318)

   No matter the result of this project is good or bad, the process must be the most unforgettable experience of last summer holiday.

   Through the interviews with cat¡¦s owner, I have seen so many kinds of cats. Some are cold, but some are gentle. In fact, the tenderest animal I¡¦ve seen during the summer holiday is was a dog called Jane in SPCA.

   Jane has a poor past, she was tied a band when she¡¦s just a baby. Up to now, the past tied a band before still can¡¦t grow any fur.

   The adopt department of SPCA has a bout 10 dogs the day we go, but the day they picked up to leave is in the unforeseeable future, may be till the day they died.

   Human are proud of their ability to control anything that are not human being, but is it really deserve to be so proud.

(Tsang Kin Chung, William 4232)

   After doing this project, I had learn a lot of things, first of all, I have learned a lot of stories and history about cats, the people feelings of the cat¡K¡Ketc.

   Because I¡¦m the owner of cats, too. So I have learned that how to take care the cats, for example, I should use the corned of cat food to fix the dry cat food when the cat hasn¡¦t eat the dry cat food. Also different kind of the cats, different age of cats, will have a different kind of food they like to cat/can eat, different place that they like to live.

   But the I think place, time is not too important of cats, the most important things is the owner of it. How to treat them. When the owner is treat it good, it can live healthy

And happily then the cat have big house or have the food that is unlimited. In the cat¡¦s heart, what thing is important than the love of owner?

 (Mok Lai Shan ,Ann 4418)


I have learnt a lots of things after the

projects. Cats are cute and nice. I knew

more about cats after I had   gone to SPCA .

Cats should be easier to take care  than dogs. 

They don't use   less space than dogs as

they are smaller and lazy.

Actually, my main duty of the project is

 building up homepage. It's not easy for me. 

Anyway, I have improved my computer skill

after the project.

Fannie (Fan Ka Yi 4409 )

I think cats are lovely creature since I was

 just a little girl. This topic I have decided for

a long time. The experiences I got through

 this project are all  unforgettable. I have

seen lots of different people and cats, that

made my knowledge and thought never be the

same as before. It's a pity that we can't finish

the project perfectly, but at less

 I haven't wasted the summer holiday.