Some of catˇ¦s body lauguage     


                   When a cat is annoyed,its tail will swire

        side to side and its ears will be stright towardly.


When a cat is ready to fight,it will make itself look bigger with raises fur,lips drawing back,teeth revealimg.flattening and claws extending.


Showing the stomach is a sign of trust .If a cat rolls itself,means itˇ¦s in a relax mood.But the bent front limbs expresses its watchfulness.


A cat that ready to defend itself,will hold its ears back.Its hair upright but whiskers will being down.


If a cat hold its tail high with the tip bend over slightly,means its really really happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*****Cat can express their own feelings with their whole bodies ,such as ears ,tails,sounds and even whiskers.Sounds are mainly used to ˇĄTalkˇ¦ with human.They can produce over 60 kinds of sounds to communicate with human.