Cats proverbs


A cat bitten once by a snake dreads even rope.


The dog for the man,the cat for woman.


I gave an order to a cat,and the cat gave it to its tail.


Curiosity killed the cat,satisfaction brougt it back.


Happiness is the home with at least one cat.


A cat has nine lives.For three he plays.For three he strays and for the last three he stays.


Happy owner,happy cat.Indifferent owner,reclusive cat.


The kind man feeds his cat before sitting down to dinner.


Cats dont catch mice to pleased god.


Where there are no tigers,a wildcat is very self-important.


Those who dislike cats will be carried to the cemetery in the rain.


Flatters,like cats,lick and then scratch.


If you play with a cat,you must not mind her scratch.


To live long,eat like a cat,drink like a dog.


When the mouse laughs at the cat theres a hole near by.


Wherever the mice laugh at the cat,there you will find a hole.


If a cat washes her face in front of several persons,the first person she looks at will be the first to get married.

-Early American saying

If a girl treads on a cat tail,she will not find a husband before a year is out.


You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats.

-Colonial American

Whenever the cat of the house is black,the lasses of lovers will have no lack.

-Old English

Who care well for cats will marry as happily as he or she could ever wish.


A cat may go to a monastery,but she still remains a cat.