Some owners of cats

Mrs. Anonymous

Owner of pharmacy in Tsuen Wan


This pharmacy has kept a white cat for 3 years, mainly for its ability of catching mouse. Formerly there is a black cat as a partner with the white cat. But it slipped away. After that the white cat become thinner and thinner. All the members of the pharmacy was touching of this.

Mrs. Anonymous thinks cats are the animals of lovely and smart. They can catch the mouse and understand what are you talking about. they can even express their hunger.

She feels her cat with fish, canned cat food and at cat biscuit. She thinks that cats are as same as people, unhealthy to eat fried and salty food.


Mr. Anonymous

Owner of pharmacy in Shek Lei

This pharmacy has kept a cat for 4 years, just for       

catching mice, The owner of the pharmacy thinks that

 cats are the animals for catching mice. Once the cat

 has caught a big mouse, it played with the big mouse

 till it died.

Mr. Anonymous thinks his cat is unsociable, once the

customer enters, it goes away!!!

He feeds his cat 3 times per day ,use of the cat food.


Mr. Ng

Owner of a store

      Mr. Ng has kept his cat for about 10 years. Mimi      

was a stray cat. When Mr. Ng met her on the street,

she followed Mr. Ng back to home. Mr. Ng thought Mimi

was poor, so he kept Mimi as pet.

Maybe as a kind of repay for Mr. Ng・s kindness, Mimi

hunts the mice in Mr. Ng・s store.

Mr. Ng uses cat food feeds Mimi 3 times per day.

He will use the simple words tells Mimi that・s the time for meal.

Normally, Mr. Ng will be using a chain to fasten Mimi in the store, look after the store together. Mr. Ng said that he afraid Mimi will get free flea if he let her go about. Mr. Ng

Wipes Mimi・s body everyday, similarly, if he let her go about. Even be fastened, Mimi can catch the mice easily, that makes Mr. Ng surprised. Therefore he thinks cats are the animals for intelligent.


Owner of a pet shop in Hong Kong

  Raymond has 30 years experiences

of caring cats. He thinks cats are the              

animals of self-important, but for

communication too. If you can fascinate

their attentions, they will you give the

reactions. So that if you do anything bad

to them, they guard against you.

  Raymond thinks that the quantity of meal, the emotion

and the fur of cat are needed to notice when caring a cat.

  He has a regular time of feeding, 3 to 4 times per day for

kitten, 2 times for adult cat. Both dry cat food and canned food are used.

Brain Tam

Owner of a pet shop in Tai Kok Tsui

   Brain has kept his cat as pet for 7 years. He thinks

cats are  the animals of quiet and understanding. If you

 treat them good, they can be very gentle.

   Compare to others animals, Brain believes that cats are

easier to care and need less space.

   He will talk to his cats when he is free. He deems that

although cats cant・ understand the meaning of his words,

they can get the concepts from your eye contacts, action

and tone of speaking. He deems that cats will try to communicate

with people for food, games and notice, through their whole body.

    Brain feeds his cats 2 times per day by cat food. He suggests

to the people who want to get a cat as pet not for an impulse, but for love.



Coco Tse

Owner of a pet shop in Shek Lei (Ta Chuen Street)

Coco has over 10 years experiences for keeping cats a pet. She thinks that cats are the animals of cool and quiet. And you don・t need to train a cat to go to the toilet. Some of the cats may give you a little bite, but it・s come from the desire of playing.

Wiping the cat・s face, cleaning the toilet and combing the fur are needed to do when caring a cat. Take a bath every month and play with them at less half an hour every day are also very important.

Coco feeds her cat 2 times in a day. She will take to her cat when she is face and she thinks her cat will communicate with her when she back home from outside.


Alice Wong

Owner of a per shop in Shek Lei (Shek Pui street)

   Alice has about 5 years experience for keeping cat as pet. She thinks cats are the animals of moody and loving freedom.

   Alice believes that cats will communicate with people with people only when they are happy and want something. It・s impossible for them to please anyone they dislike.

   Helping cat to clean their body and supply food that are nutrient are can・t be forget.

   Alice suggests to the people decide to take a cat that give it you just want a cat for fun. Because a cat can live 10 years. Also, if you want something that are obedient, it・s better for you to get a dog.


William Tsang

Owner of two cats

   William has kept his cats for 3 years. He thinks cats are colder when comparing with other animals, and they are the animals of lazy and moody.

   He believes that respect is important when getting along with a cat. Because cats are sensible of defense. They always stay away from dander.

  William feeds his cats 2 to 3 time a day, by using cat food and canned cat food.


Sarah Ng

Owner of a pet shop in Tuen Wan (Breader)

   Sarah has over 10 years experience for caring cats. She believes that a purebred cat is purer than the stray cat. But most of cats are lovely, independent and easy to take care.

   She thinks patience and cherishing are important to look after a cat. If you spend more time to understand a cat, it will rely on you very soon.

   Sarah feeds her cats 2 times per day, by using cat food and wet cat food.

   She introduce a few brands of cat food to me, Hill・s is less in MSG, so many veterinarians recommend it, but not so many cats accept it. Royal Canin is a brand that came from France, many cats that came from foreign has it for meal as a habit. Canned cat food・s fresh smell fascinated most of cats, but they can・t be took as dinner, because they are not good for cat・s teeth and contain heavy sale, which unhealthy to cat・s kidneys.


Vivian Ip

Staff of SPCA (Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

   Vivian has kept her cats for 15 years. And she has joined SPCA for 2 years. She prefer cats to dogs because dogs are too many Saliva. It・s a bit difficult to embrace. She think cats are the animal of lazy, happy, always be optimistic to the future and desirous for food.

   From her experiences, cats are easy to take care. It・s because cat・s don・t need too many sport, they spend most of the time in sleep in a day. Cats love clean, so that they won・t make the place in messy.

   She suggest to the new owner, try to acquaint with their cat, and learn more their habit. Unlike dogs, cats can・t be trained Cats only can be treated as friends.

   But no matter it・s dog or cat, Vivian insists that all responsible owner should neuter their pet. Because a neutered pet will be happier and healthier.