Welcome to Anne's Honepage!

Initial Instructions:

This is currently your homepage. FreeWebs serves up the file named index.htm in your main folder as your homepage. To change your homepage, you must either edit the index.htm page from your File Manager, or else replace the index.htm page with a new page named index.htm. You can do this by deleting the page named index.htm, then uploading the page you want to be your homepage, then renaming that page index.htm. A site with no index.htm file will show up as not found when your address is typed in.

For all users that have not signed up for a domain name or a Premium Service from the Premium Services section, we require that your pages have our "Tracking Code" a small banner code that tells your users that the page is being hosted for free by FreeWebs. The Tracking code will appear on your site as it does below:

The HTML for the tracking code can be found from the link on the bottom of the File Manager page.

Happy FreeWebsing!