Apple Chip ( 22 wires )

Direct boot all PS2 disc
Direct boot all PS1 disc
For all PS2 media disc, power up normally
it will be default for all PS2 game
For PS1 and DVD Movie, power up with reset 'till
the blue eject light
it will be default for PS1/DVD Movie Diagram

APPLE CHIP Compatibility table
Apple Chip 30001 v1 (010) US - (010 bios) v1,v2
Apple Chip 30001 US - (020 bios) v1,v2,v3 and (030 bios) v4
Apple Chip 30001r US - v5 and (040 bios) v4, i.e. v4 1c and v4r
Apple Chip 39001 US - v7
Apple Chip 30002r Pal - v5 i.e. 30002r/30003r/30004r
Apple Chip 39002 Pal - v7 i.e. 39002/39003/39004
Apple Chip 30006r Jap - v5 and (040 bios) v4