About Ayumi:


 Name :  Ayumi Hamasaki  ( Ayu )



Date of Birth :  2nd October , 1978

Place of Birth:  Japan ( in Fukuoka Prefecture )

Blood Type: A

Height : 156 cm

Weight : 40kg

Hobbies: Play Piano , Writing , Ballet

Favourite Colour: Black , white ,Grey

Favourite Food: Cake , Chocolate , Biscuits

Favourite Actor : Nicholas Cage , Rie Miyazawa

Fovourite Singer : Deep Purple, Baby Face,                 Keiko(Globe lead singer,EnVogue

Favourite Movie : Betty Blue, Leaving          LasVegas,
The Bodyguard

Respects : Someone has a quality she don't.

Hates : Liars, People who don't say 'hello'.

Lessons Learnt : Abacus Calculations, Japanese Flower Arrangement, Kumonshiki Study System, Japanese Calligraphy(5th Rank)

Interest : Collecting white things for her room

Favourite Things To Read : Fashion Magazines, Modern Language Translation of the Manto Tanka poems.

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