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弗哥特 (Christian Vogt1946-   ),瑞士攝影家。前期作品以簡明生動、失去被攝物個性和富有結構感為特點,後期作品中還有一些超然的和冥想的效果,給人以夢幻般的感覺。他的系列作品以日記體的方式出現,帶有哲學的思考痕跡。“我的作品不僅要表現善或美,還要促使現衆去思想”。

Swiss photographer. He studied photography at the Gewerbeschule, Basle (1964-7). After being apprenticed to American photographer Will McBride in Munich, he opened his own studio in Basle in 1970. From 1972 he worked for various magazines, such as Du, Camera, Time-Life and Playboy. His photographs were created in clearly defined phases, such as his 'blue period' with tinted prints (1973-5) or the 'frame' series (1975) of photographs in which a rectangular frame photographed inside the field of view became the parameter for a picture within a picture (e.g. Without Title, 1975; Basle, Antikenmus.). His best-known series of erotic self-presentations of women, with a wooden crate as a prop (1979-81), explored a similar principle. His photographs often implied reflections on the photograph itself, on its subject, its selection and the relationship between what was shown and what was left out.



沃爾 (Jeff Wall, 1946-   ),加拿大攝影家,作為一種證明的攝影方式,在現代攝影中引起了很大的反響。“一個人可以感受到永遠有一架照相機在畫面之外:一個人正在工作。如果照相機的在場是可以感知的,那麽它所做的工作就必須被承認。”

Jeff Wall is best known for his large photographic transparencies back-lit in fluorescent light boxes. Responding to an era dominated by abstract art, he became interested in an alternative conceptual expression. He would reintroduce narrative and subject matter into the art world.

Wall was studying art history to enrich his art practice and in 1970 left Vancouver to pursue a Ph.D. in art history at the Courtauld Institute in London. His academic background is apparent in works that make obvious art historical allusions, but Wall says he is more concerned with staging tableaus of modern life for his camera than alluding to well-known paintings. Wall acknowledges the influence of the nineteenth-century French author Baudelaire, who called for a painting of modern life that would show the streets of Paris rather than the grand themes of history. In this spirit, Wall decided to appropriate back-lit advertisements, which he first saw in bus shelters, as an artistic medium for representing contemporary life.

Wall's photographs are the result of detailed planning and days, sometimes months, of rehearsals and shooting. He plays with the notion that implicit in every photograph is the sense of what happened before the moment depicted and what may happen after. He contends that artwork that has only one obvious meaning is either dull or propagandistic, and that good art must be beautiful to hold a viewer's attention.


尼克松 (Nicholas Nixon, 1947-   ),美國攝影家,從 20 世紀 70 年代中期開始,他致力於復興大畫幅相機的拍攝、接觸印相傳統,創造新的時尚。他主要以拍攝人物為主,以自然的生活狀態創造並突破了大畫幅相機的人物創作空間。

Nicholas Nixon (born Detroit, Michigan, 1947) is a noted photographer, known for his work in portraiture and documentary photography, and for championing the use of the 8x10 inch view camera.



斯騰格斯( Jock Sturges, 1947-   ),美國攝影家,以大畫幅相機記錄他所熟悉的家庭 的裸體影像。“這些被攝者對於我來說,他們的慷慨是意味深長的。我無法不讓這些照片表現出驚人的魅力!!!和博大的胸懷,我以為這就是一種源於對自然崇拜的靈魂。……在當代美國文化中,裸體是一種情感的釋放,遠遠超越了我的拍攝範圍。

Jock Sturges (born 1947) is an American photographer, best known for his images of adolescents, often taken nude. His work, often taken on the nude beaches of California and France, has been the subject of controversy.



萊波維茲(Annie Leibovitz1949-   ),美國女攝影家,以大膽擺佈的、充滿時尚魅力的名人攝影見長。攝影風格簡潔,但不失宜人的光照、典型的優雅、機智和幽默。她拍攝的許多異想天開的人物肖像幾乎有口皆碑,成為一個時代的面像。《滾石》雜誌的簡.溫納說:“在我的心目中,安妮拍攝的約翰.列農在他的日本情人身邊曲蜷的圖像,是所有搖滾樂照片中最重要的影像。在照片拍攝的24小以後,釣翰.列農被謀殺了。

Anna-Lou "Annie" Leibovitz  (born October 2, 1949) is an American portrait photographer whose style is marked by a close collaboration between the photographer and the subject



費里(Fabrizio Ferri,1950-   ),出生於奧馬的商業攝影家。他於1991年開設的超級工業攝影室,成為曼哈頓地區最具影響的視覺實驗場所。以其敏感的嗅覺把握時尚的流向,並為媚態攝影的審美提供了出色的範例。

Fabrizio Ferri joined the Harvard Business School faculty in the Summer of 2004. He teaches the first-year MBA course, Financial Reporting and Control, and a doctoral seminar on performance measurement. His research investigates a number of corporate governance issues, with a special focus on executive compensation practices, the role of Boards of Directors and the effectiveness of shareholders’ activism. Native of Rome, Italy, he received a B.S. in Economics from Universita’ La Sapienza (Rome) in 1995, earned an M.B.A. from the Stern School of Business (New York University) in 1998 and received his Ph.D. from the Stern School of Business (New York University) in 2005. Fabrizio worked as a tax consultant first in Italy and then with Coopers & Lybrand in New York City. Prior to returning to school for his Ph.D., he worked for Stern Stewart & Co. in the Economic Value Added Group, also in New York, specializing in consulting firms on performance measurement and incentive compensation issues.



曼恩(Sally Mann, 1951-   ),美國女攝影家,她主要以自己的三個孩子作為照片的主題。“對我而言,這些照片是孩子們給我的禮物:這些禮物來自一個像觸摸天使的翅膀一樣短暫的瞬間中。當我架起照相機時,我祈禱著天使的來臨,我們身處在一種恩賜的狀態中,我們期待著回報,這是個與‘時機的天使同在的恩賜的狀態。

Sally Mann (born May 1, 1951) is an American photographer.

Mann was born in Lexington, Virginia in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She attended The Putney School, Bennington College and Friends World College, and earned a B.A., summa cum laude, from Hollins College (now Hollins University) and an M.A. in writing.                       


沃爾夫 (Art Wolfe, 1951-   ),美國自然攝影家,以拍攝風光和野生動物出名。在近30年的世界各地旅途中,己經積累了大約100萬幅圖像,出版了45本畫冊和書籍。“不管我碰上什麽拍攝主題,我都力求簡潔、明快地傳遞照片中需要表達的氛圍。

Art Wolfe's photographs are recognized throughout the world for their mastery of color, composition, and perspective. His vision and passionate wildlife advocacy affirm his dedication to his work. Wolfe's photographic mission is multi-faceted. By employing artistic and journalistic styles, he documents his subjects and educates the viewer. His unique approach to nature photography is based on his training in the arts and his love of the environment.



武德 (Tom Wood, 1951-   ),英國攝影家,以利物浦的街區和公交為拍攝重點,完 成了一本題為《公共汽車的長途旅行》的紀實妥攝影畫冊,有評論說:公共汽車穿越整個利物浦的旅途不合超過兩個小時而武德的照片路程卻延續了 20 年。

Irish photographer Tom Wood's All Zones Off Peak is the culmination of a fifteen-year photographic odyssey around Liverpool. From the simple starting point of photographing from a bus, he has created a Joy scean vision of the city - a complex, lived-in, living reality.Tom Wood shot more than three thousand rolls of film in realising this ambitious and compelling project. From the earliest silver prints, to the recently completed large-scale colour images, it is a remarkable achievement that explores new ground in photography. With a beauty that catches you unawares, the work delivers an extraordinary picture of the ordinary.



帕爾 (Martin Parr, 1952-   ),英國攝影家,馬格南圖片社成員。拍攝主題主要為英國的中層階級,以及世界各地旅遊者的眾生相,警惕注視旅遊者的不和諧和軟弱的心理特徵。當有人批評他的作品是對人類的譏諷時,他的回答也毫不示弱:“人類本是可笑的。

Martin Parr (born 1952) is a British documentary photographer and photojournalist. His photographic projects take a critical look at modern society, specifically consumerism, foreign travel and tourism, motoring, family and relationships, and food.



韋伯 (Alex Webb, 1952-   ),美國攝影家,馬格南圖片社成員,鏡頭關注世界各地的 重大事件,尤其是海地、墨西哥等動亂中的社會熱點,韋伯回憶戰爭攝影時說:“這是我永遠不會忘記的在馬格南最特殊的時刻之一,戰爭報道使人時時刻刻感到非常緊張,但又極端興奮,讓我從中得到一種快感。

Photographer Alex Webb was born in San Francisco, California, in 1952. He studied history and literature at Harvard University and photography at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.

Since 1975, Webb has participated in numerous exhibitions around the world. His work is included in such collections as the Fogg Art Museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts; the International Center of Photography in New York; the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, California; the Southland Collection in Dallas, Texas; the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; and the Getty Center for the Arts and the Humanities in Santa Monica, California.

He is the recipient of the Overseas Press Club Award (1980), the Leopold Godowsky, Jr. Color Photography Award (1988), a National Endowment for the Arts Grant (1990), the Leica Medal of Excellence (2000), and the David Octavius Hill Medaille (2002).

Webb's photographs have appeared in such magazines as GEO, Time, and the New York Times Magazine. He has covered many subjects for National Geographic magazine, including the Amazon River; Tijuana and Monterrey, Mexico; and Istanbul.

Webb has published many photography books, including Hot Light/Half-Made Worlds: Photographs from the Tropics, Under A Grudging Sun, and Crossings.


雷姆斯 (Bettina Rheims 1952-   ),法國女攝影家,在結束了當紅的模特生涯後開始攝影。在法國,絕大部分出名的女性都在她的鏡頭前呈現過裸體的形象。“這些作品也不知道是在人哪里來的誘惑力,女孩們生活在虛假的現實中,因為這正是你們年經時的狀態,並不是實在的生活。

Born in Paris.

Works and lives in Paris

In 1978, at the age of 26 Bettina Rheims starts out photographing. After having worked as a model, as journalist and an art dealer, she devotes herself in 1980 solely to photography. She makes a first series of strip-tease artists and acrobats, which are shown 1981 in two personal exhibitions, at the Centre Pompidou and at the Galerie Texbraun in Paris. Encouraged by this success, she works on a series of stuffed animals portraits, which are exhibited in Paris and New York.

At the same time Bettina Rheims realizes portraits for worldwide magazines and advertisement campaigns (Well and Chanel), creates her first fashion series, cover sleeves, film posters and directs in 1986 her first advertising campaign.

In 1989 her works on women's portraits are published in a monograph, Female Trouble, and are exhibited in Germany and Japan. In the upcoming year Bettina Rheims realizes a series of portraits of androgynous teenagers, Modern Lovers, which are also edited and shown in France, Great Britain and the United States.

Her mythic series Chambre Close, which is realized between 1990 and 1992 in collaboration with Serge Bramly, meets an immense success not only in Europe but also all over the world. The book has become a bestseller in regularly reedited.

In the following years Bettina Rheims' fame started to invade all continents and she is renown now as a one of the most important photographers not only in Europe, but also in the Unites States, Japan, Korea, Australia and Moscow.

This consecration was confirmed by her series I.N.R.I. in 1999, an important photographic project retracing the main scenes of the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ realized in collaboration together with Serge Bramly. The book was published simultaneously in several countries (France, Germany, USA and Japan) and evoked a big scandal in France. The exhibition is still touring in different museums in Europe.

In 2000, Bettina Rheims publishes X’Mas, a series of photographs of young girls discovering their feminity.

Further on, in 2003 her book Shanghai, realized together with Serge Bramly after having spent 6 months in this city, is published by Robert Laffont. Bettina Rheims was portraying the city through the images of women of different backgrounds.

Her last publication MoreTrouble, published in 2004, is retracing ten years of her photography, mostly of famous women. At the same time Bettina Rheims’ work is shown in a huge retrospective, where the first venues are: Helsinki, Oslo,Vienna, Düsseldorf and Brussels.



平克哈索夫 (Gueorgui Pink- hassov, 1952-   ),俄羅斯攝影家,生活在巴黎,馬格南圖片社成員。主要的拍攝範圍包括日本、巴黎的周邊地區、前蘇聯等,作品中滲透了對於政治的關注和對 生存方式的思考。

Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Russian born photographer, born in Moscow, in 1952. Began his interest in photography during his teen years. Enrolled at the Moscow Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in 1969.

Following college and two years in the army, he joined the film crew at Mosfilm. Continuing his interest in still photography he became a set photographer at the studio. His work was noticed by film directors Andrei Tarkovsky, who invited Pinkhassov to work on the set of his film 'Stalker'.

Being awarded independent artist status by the Moscow Union of Graphic Arts in 1978, allowed him far more freedom to travel, allowing him to exhibit his work internationally. In 1979 his work was noticed outside of Russia for the first time, in a group exhibition of Soviet photographers held in Paris. Previously, his work had mainly been seen in a number of Russian magazines, including L'artiste Sovetique.

His acceptance by the Magnum Photos agency in 1988 opened up his work to a wider audience. He worked for the international media covering major events in Lithuania, Mongolia, Indonesia and Africa. Returning to Moscow to cover the 1991 Coup, for the New York Times.

Pinkhassov is now a French citizen, living in Paris.

In 1995, received a photographic scholarship from the city, and in 1998, published the book Sightwalk.



查德維克 (Helen Chadwick, 1953-1996),英國女攝影家,通過雪、豬牛羊肉、各科植物以及巧克力等,以攝影的方式,對時時處處包圍在我們身邊的傳統的審美方式和規律進行了嘲諷和挑戰。“我試圖在日常面對的愉悅的瞬間精心構造一種虛幻的東西,讓人們明白送這樣一種存在是易碎的和無法依賴的,就像是泡沫。

Helen Chadwick (1953 – March 15, 1996) was a British artist.

Chadwick studied at Croydon College of Art, Brighton Polytechnic and then at the Chelsea School of Art.

She has often been identified as a feminist, with several of her works addressing the role and image of woman in society.

Her work often reflected her sometimes uneasy relationship with her own body, using organic materials, such as meat, flowers and chocolate. She is perhaps most famous for Piss Flowers (1991–92), bronze sculptures cast from cavities made when urinating in the snow by both Helen Chadwick and her partner David Notarius.



尼克斯 (Dewey Nicks, 1966-   ),美國攝影家,以商業攝影為主,為著名的雜誌如《時尚》、《GQ》 等拍攝時裝作品,他還完成了許多與汽車相關的時尚作品。這些汽車文化的象徵性作品洋洋大觀,最近還獨立成集,引起了人們濃厚的興趣。

Dewey Nicks is a photographer and film director. He was born in St. Louis, and studied photography at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He has been working as a professional photographer since 1986, and has been published in magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, W, and GQ.

In 1995, Nicks began do direct commercials for Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Quicksilver, Union Bay. His sense of direction coupled with his sense of humor garnered the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival Award for "The World's Funniest Commercial" for his 1999 Ameritrade spot "Let's Light This Candle". Also in 1999, he was a nominee for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in television commercials.

Car culture, plastic surgery and energetic excess (and some explosions) are the subjects of his book, Kustom (printed in 2000 by Greybull Press). That same year, Mr. Nicks began directing the independent film Slackers. It starred Jason Schwartzman, James King, Jason Segel, Devon Sawa, and Laura Prepon and was released in 2002.



菲奧媔 (Giorgia Fiorio 1967-   ),意大利女攝影家,習慣拍攝一些重大的社會主題,曾對意大利捕魚業相關的主題進行了深入的探索,鏡頭中流露出對底層人民的尊重和敬意。


Giorgia Fiorio

Turin, Italy, July 23, 1967. Studies in Humanities.

1989/1990: International Centre of Photography (ICP), New York, USA.

1994: Selected as '10 best young photographer of the year' to attend the first World Press Photo Masterclass in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.



1991: Exhibition Red Gloves, the Boxers, at the International Biennial of Turin, Italy.

1995: Exhibition for the book Des Russes, at the Italian Cultural Institute, Paris. Exhibition I Russi at the Acta Gallery in Rome, Italy.

1996: Exhibition Legion at the Acta Gallery in Roma, Italy.

1998: Exhibition L'homme à nu, at Agathe Gaillard's Gallery, Paris. Exhibition Les Boxeurs, Photovisions, Photographic Biennial of Montpellier, France. Exhibition Toreros, at the Encontros da Imagen Photo festival of Braga, Portugal. Exhibition Keep the light on human rights, Amnesty International, Reporters Sans Frontières, Contact Press Images, Tokyo, Japan.

1999: Exhibition The French Foreign Legion at the French Institute of Casablanca, Morocco. Exhibition The men of the sea, at the Biennial of Curitiba, Brazil. Exhibition Cyrille de Gunzburg, Paris.

2001: Exhibition Human Figure, at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris, France. Exhibition Cyrille de Gunzburg, Paris.

2002: Exhibition Human Figure at the festival Transphotographies, Lille, France.

 2003: Collective exhibition Quotidiano al femminile in Milan and Rome, Italy. Exhibition Piemonte. Una definizione fotografica. Altrove da oggi, at the Museum of Contemporary Art: Castello di Rivoli, Torino, Italy. Exhibition Men at the Focus Gallery, London, U.K. Exhibition Human Figure at the Saarland Museum, Saarbrucken, Germany. Exhibition L’evidence du Mystère, Cyrille de Gunzburg, Paris.

2004: Collective exhibition Italia, doppie visioni, Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome, Italy. Film projection On Men at the Festival of photojournalism "Reportage", Paddington, Australia. Exhibition Human Figure at the Festival de Fotografia de Salamanca

2004, Spain.

2005: Collective exhibition Italia, doppie visioni, Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy. Exhibition Men at the Tokyo Institute of Politecnic, Japan.

2006: L’autre Seduction in the collective exhibition L’amour comment ça va?, Parc de la Villette, Paris, France. Exhibition Figura Umana, Galleria Grazia Neri, Milan, Italy. Collective exhibition Storie del Mondo Amilcare Ponchielli GRIN Award, Spazio Oberdan, Milan, Italy. Uomini: Prospettiva Retrospettiva Museo Internazionale Arti Applicate (MIAAO) Chiostro di San Filippo Neri; Turin Italy, within the frame of international contemporary art fair Artissima.

Grants / Awards

1991: Finalist for the W. Eugene Smith Award.

1992: Awarded "Kodak European Panorama for Young Professional Photography at the "Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie" in Arles, France.

1993: Awarded the "Studio Marangoni Foundation Award", Italy, best photographic project of the year. 1994: Awarded Prix S.C.A.M. (French association of multi-media authors) biannual award of "Mois de la Photo", Paris, France.

1995: Prix  Spécial Jury at the "Grand Prix de la ville de Vevey", Switzerland. "Ernst Haas Award" at the Maine Photographic Workshops, Rockport, USA.

1996: "Marc Flament Award" (by French Defence Ministry) for the best picture of the year.

1997: Named photographer of the year for documentary photography by "American photography". Honourable mention by the "Overseas Press Club of America" (The Olivier Rebbot award).

 1999: "Yan Geoffroy Award", Milan, Italy.

2005: Amilcare Ponchielli GRIN Award “Best documentary project on our time” from the Italian Editors and Iconographers Association Milan, Italy.

 2006: nominated finalist H. Nannen Award

In 2003 she has founded in Paris the Reflexion Masterclass: a long term seminar for young authors, held on a quarterly basis in collaboration with Professor Gabriel Bauret.



庫恩 (Mona Kuhn, 1969),出生於巴西、生活在德國的女攝影家,以裸體主義的方式拍攝具有田園牧歌式的、 令人鬆弛的舞臺造型人體攝影作品。“我的靈感的確來源於繪畫,尤其是人體繪畫中的悠久歷史使其品位遠遠高於攝影,或者說我從中發現了更令人感興趣的文化成分。 "

Growing up in different countries opened my mind but it also made me a bit melancholic at times. I spent my childhood between he beaches of Brazil and the crowded streets of metropolitan Sao Paulo, with frequent visits to relatives in Germany. In 1996, I landed for the first time in a place unknown to most of us, a space I call home now - a secure corner from the complexities of contemporary life - where those close to me feel welcomed, trusted, and share long hours together. The thread of this combination is the very foundation of my fertile ground and it is the human in those I photograph that does not cease to exhaust my curiosity.

By Mona Kuhn

Reprinted from Mona Kuhn Photographs, Steidl Publishers, Gottingen, Germany.



卡魯西 (Elinor Carucci, 1972-   ),出生在以色列、生活在紐約的女攝影家,用過照相機跟蹤自己和她的家人,以細膩而逼真的角度和愛的方式不斷靠近他們的生活。“我所完成的這一類攝影,實際上就是一種家庭的現狀,以非常自由、非常開放的方式對待他們的身體。

Elinor Carucci (born 1971, Israel) is an American photographer. She lives in New York City and is a member of the Faculty in Photography, School of Visual Arts in New York.

Her photographs take the viewer into the details of her surroundings, her family life and her home. Carucci takes the viewer into a very private part of her world. Marks on a body from bed sheets after waking, the imprint of a zipper on skin looks familiar and beautiful, a few dark hairs on an upper lip reveal a flaw in an otherwise perfect and sensual mouth. She photographs the stitches on a finger, and it becomes eerie and striking, mimicking the pattern of eyelashes from a very separate and quiet photo.

Since her gallery debut in 1997, Carucci's has had solo exhibitions in London, Frankfurt, Prague and Jerusalem. Her work has been extensively published and collected by numerous institutions and private collectors.

Carucci was chosen by Photo District News as one of its “Thirty under 30 Young Photographers to Watch” in 2000. She was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2002 and won the International Center of Photography’s Infinity Award for best young photographer in 2001.